May 23, 2024

5G Technology in Saudi Arabia: An Overview of the Latest Development in the Technology

5G Technology

5G Technology

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5G technology is short for the fifth generation of wireless technology. It is essentially a type of networking that is effective, efficient and faster than other generations of technology. It is renowned for having speed up to 100 times than the current 4G technology and offers little or no delay in data transition. 5G is also compatible with many devices and applications.

What is 5G Technology

Fifth-generation technology reportedly began its developmental stage in 2010. The goal was to significantly improve the current 4G technology in speed and ease of use. This goal made companies, governments, and other stakeholders begin active investment in the development and undertaking of the 5G networks. 5G uses high-frequency radio waves to produce more speed and bandwidth. There have recently been infrastructures that have been built to support the technology. Some of them use network slicing to enable independent networks for specific users. After its deployment in South Korea and the United States of America in 2019, 5G technology has been rapidly adopted by countries worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is no exception.

What are the Latest Developments in 5G Technology in Saudi Arabia

5G technology was introduced to Saudi Arabia in 2019. The Country initiated the 5G network via its three major telecommunications platforms – Mobily, Zain, and STC. It has subsequently kept up with the use of technology after its introduction. The Country is looking to implement 5G technology in several industries ranging from education transportation to its smart city, NEOM.

The government announced, in 2021, intentions to stake heavily in 5G development to have a 90% coverage of 5G in the Country by 2024. There are also several initiatives to promote 5G technology launched by the Saudi Arabian government, which are currently thriving. 5G technology in Saudi Arabia is also enabled by strategic planning and implementation of policies by the government. It is projected that by 2025, 5G technology will be used by a fifth of the total network connections in the Middle East and North Africa Regions. At the time, there were more than 15 million connections to 5G in the Middle East region, with Saudi Arabia rapidly taking the pace.

In August 2022, the Saudi Arabian telecommunication company, Saudi Telecommunication Co., became the first 5G operator in the Middle East and Not Africa. Currently, Saudi Arabia is looking to upgrade its 5G network capacity.


Saudi Arabia has rapidly created a niche in the 5G technology in the Middle East. The Country has made a name for itself and intends to keep doing so from the look of things. A cursory glance at the updates above will prove that it is on its way to well-becoming one of the 5G strongholds worldwide.

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