July 22, 2024

6G To Be An Industry Trailblazer: The UAE Has Declared Itself A Leader In The 6G Era

6G To Be An Industry Trailblazer

6G To Be An Industry Trailblazer

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The United Arab Emirates has begun efforts to upgrade to 6G, while the rest of the world is fixated on the possibilities of 5G. Industrial and research experts are stepping up their efforts to develop 6G technology as quickly as possible. Sixth-generation wireless networks will center on artificial intelligence. Consequently, we should expect to see the development of novel modes of communication, such as holographic techniques and 3D coverage. In addition, an intelligently connected infrastructure may be constructed using 6G networks.

By increasing its spending on research and encouraging young talent, the United Arab Emirates plans to lead the way in the advent of 6G technology. Creating 6G will need a collective effort. Abu Dhabi has plans to organize more events in the sector to bring together the most talented brains to speed up the process. Etisalat is improving the resources of its research and development center to increase its participation in international alliances aimed at standardizing 6G worldwide.

Superior Velocity And Efficacy Than The Current 5G Systems

The next-generation 6G network is expected to outperform the current 5G network in speed and efficiency. If 6G is implemented, current 5G networks would see a 100x improvement in their capacities. More than 10 million connected devices per square kilometer will be possible with 6G’s incredibly high connection density. For example, 6G enables downloading 8K videos at rates up to 500 times quicker than those offered by 5G.

Is The Metaverse A Hidden Driver Of 6G?

Many factors are predicted to contribute to the success of 6G, including the IoST, networking automation, pervasive artificial intelligence, and terahertz communication frequencies, to meet the growing need for higher data transfer rates. Currently, the metaverse has emerged as the most fascinating and surprising force. The metaverse offers a massive economic potential that might be valued anywhere from $8 trillion to $13 trillion. Considering all factors, including software, hardware, additional apps, and platforms, it has incredible potential that may lead to much more significant opportunities in the future.

When Will The First 6G Networks Appear? Maybe Sooner Than You Think

2020 marks the beginning of a lengthy and rigorous research period into 6G technology. The experiments to confirm the technology works in the appropriate configuration will start in 2024, and the standardization process will follow. It’s anticipated that this will go on until the year 2026. After evaluation, researchers will choose the technology that best meets the predetermined standards. The next step is to determine operational frequencies by 2027 at the latest. This time frame would run until 2028 or 2029, with the eventual deployment of 6G networks expected to occur by 2030.

7G: Is It Too Soon To Bring This Up? Or Should We Start Speculating About It?

Without a doubt, 7G technology will be developed in the future, but it is expected to arrive in the 2040s at the earliest. Quantum communications, which employ quantum physics, cryptography, and codes to secure information, might be one of 7G’s most essential enablers. All of these seem quite futuristic at the moment, but given the rate at which technology is progressing, they may become a reality in the near future.

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