July 22, 2024

A Trip Down Memory Lane: History of the Middle East Global Tech Development

Global Tech Development

Global Tech Development

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If there is one thing that the Middle East is famous for it is its diverse and rich culture as the region is home to countries with centuries of experience. In the timeframe of its continuous existence, the Middle East has remained at the top of technological prowess popular at the time, which has continued until now. We have studiously traced the Middle East tech development foundations for your perusal below.

Critical Periods in the Middle East Global Tech Development

  • Ancient Technologies

History records the hub of civilization and technological innovation. Mesopotamia and Persia made several advancements by developing irrigation and recording systems. They also developed expert road systems. Egypt was known for architectural improvement innovations in medicine and mathematics. This region would be the foundation of civilization and laws as the world knows it now. Fun fact: the first type of modern writing (cuniform) was developed in the Middle East into what we know it to be now.

  • The Islamic Periods

The period from the 8th to the 14th Century went down as a period where Islam dominated the Middle East. The studies and innovations from Islamic scholars and sects were one of the beginnings of research and technological advancement. That period was also known for military technology and innovation, as the period was filled with several wars and conflicts to regain territories. Several trade routes for buying and selling were also established to and from the Middle East.

  • Colonial Periods 

Regions in the Middle East had their fair share of colonial masters, from the Ottoman Empire in ancient times to the United Kingdom, which had control in countries like Palestine, Egypt, and Iran. France also controlled countries like Lebanon and Syria. In all of these, the Middle East recorded a tremendous increase in technological advancement. The discovery of oil in countries like Saudi Arabia also actively accelerated regional innovation.

  • Tech Developments in the 20th Century

Of course, the industrial development that changed the course of man’s history in the 20th Century included the Middle East. This period was post-independence for many countries in the region, and telecommunication and information technology began to bud in the part. It is also worth noting that the area was known for several internal crises and international wars during this period. This meant it had to exponentially develop its military and innovate its military arsenal. Currently, some countries in the Middle East have one of the most produced military technology in the world. 

  • Current Tech Development and Web 3.0

The Middle East has recorded unprecedented and significant global tech development in two decades. The region is now pursuing renewable energy projects, smart cities like NEOM, Artificial Intelligence, space exploration, innovation hubs, and other global technologies. In 2020, the United Arab Emirates launched its first mission to Mars. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also working on a smart city called NEOM. Indeed, these are exciting times for the Middle East.


We have taken you on a brief ride back thousands of years ago to see the slow but sure advancement of the Middle East in global tech. The region is only beginning from the look of things. The universe is the Middle East’s stage, and we can’t wait to see what the region has planned for technology to play out.

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