June 9, 2023


We are living in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Modern technology has developed like never before with the field of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), data science, Cloud computing, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The world is heading towards rapid digitization with machine learning replacing human resources. It has become a compulsion for many job seekers to upskill themselves following modern technology.

New inventions are on a rise in the field of artificial intelligence with companies trying to apply AI in various fields like health, education, informatics, etc. Data mining and data analytics has seen a boom after the pandemic as it caters to businesses by helping them to understand consumer behaviour and financial trends.

Green technology is another field which is on the rise with conscious individuals developing green alternative technology to reduce the human footprint on the globe. With many institutions establishing green funds to help green startups, the future of green technology is bright.

Cryptocurrency is another financial innovation that has changed the global financial system. It is a digital currency not regulated by any banking institutions and provides people with safe and secure financial transactions. The cryptocurrency runs on the principle of blockchain technology and is gaining tremendous popularity among investors because of its highly volatile nature.

Blockchain technology has many other applications apart from cryptocurrency. It can be applied in gem mining, smart contracts, etc. Many multinational companies are after blockchain technology as it helps in maintaining a public digital ledger that maintains transparency.

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