May 23, 2024

Acronis Leads the Charge in Data Protection and Sports Innovation



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In the fast-paced world of data-driven decisions and sports performance, Acronis Middle East is positioned as a key player in the game. In a recent interview, Ziad Nasr, the General Manager of Acronis Middle East shed light on how the partnership between Acronis and Manchester City is revolutionizing the influence of data in sports and how the company remains a leading force in data protection and backup solutions.

The Data Game: Changing the Face of Sports

Ziad emphasized the importance of the partnership between Acronis and Manchester City, highlighting the critical role data plays in sports performance and decision-making. “Our partnership with Manchester City positively impacts their ability to make data-driven decisions and enhance their performance,” he stated, underscoring the significance of Acronis‘ advanced data protection solutions in safeguarding crucial player statistics and performance metrics.

Staying Ahead in the Data Protection Game

Ziad provided insight into how Acronis continually leads the charge in data protection and backup solutions.

Their approach involves two key strategies: a substantial commitment to Research and Development and strategic partnerships.

By investing a considerable portion of its revenue into R&D, Acronis remains at the forefront of innovation in data protection. This investment allows them to pioneer groundbreaking solutions that can adapt to the ever-evolving needs of businesses and individuals. Moreover, Acronis strategically collaborates with industry giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. These partnerships ensure that Acronis’ solutions not only remain compatible with cutting-edge technologies but also remain flexible and adjustable to meet the dynamic demands of their customers. This dual approach keeps Acronis at the cutting edge of data protection and backup solutions.

Beyond Ransomware: Emerging Threats in the Region

In addition to Acronis’ pioneering approach to ransomware protection, Ziad raised the alarm on several escalating security threats within the region. He pointed to the rising menace of phishing attacks, AI-powered threats, and supply chain vulnerabilities. Phishing attacks, Ziad stressed, persist as a formidable challenge, exacerbated by the growing sophistication introduced by AI technologies. Furthermore, the rapid adoption of AI has exposed a new avenue for malicious actors to engineer personalized and exceptionally effective phishing attacks, heightening the demand for robust security measures. He also emphasized the complexities of supply chain attacks, which can surreptitiously compromise a company’s network and data through its suppliers or partners, underscoring the need for comprehensive defense strategies in the face of these increasingly prevalent threats.

What’s on the Horizon for Acronis in 2024

While Ziad couldn’t disclose specific products or solutions for 2024, he affirmed that Acronis would intensify its focus on product innovation, data centers, technical support, account management, and sales and marketing tools for partners. Ziad’s emphasis on partnership and innovation signals Acronis’ commitment to empowering partners and advancing data protection technology in the coming year.

In the competitive landscape of data protection and backup solutions, Acronis Middle East stands as a guardian of digital assets and champion of technological advancement and continues to shape the future of data management and protection in the Middle East and beyond.


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