July 22, 2024

Amazon Academy in Saudi Arabia: Empowering Tech Professionals in Cloud Computing, AI, and More

amazon tech academy

amazon tech academy

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The global e-commerce giant, Amazon, has launched a groundbreaking initiative in Saudi Arabia to bolster the kingdom’s human capital program for the digital economy. The unveiling of their transformative tech academy marks a significant milestone, positioning it as a catalyst for empowering Saudi individuals with the necessary skills for the digital era. Designed to be the largest talent development program of its kind in the Middle East, this ambitious initiative aims to train over 30,000 aspiring tech professionals by 2025.

Beyond its commitment to training, the academy is set to issue an impressive 35,000 certificates, serving as tangible proof of acquired expertise. Moreover, it opens doors to 100 internships. In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the academy will be operated by the prestigious Saudi Digital Academy and the esteemed Tuwaiq Academy.

Transforming the Saudi Labor Market: Amazon Tech Academy’s Influence

As Saudi Arabia undergoes a profound digital transformation, encompassing 5G, artificial intelligence, online shopping, digital payments, and enhanced customer service, the need for certified training in future-facing sectors becomes imperative. In response, Amazon Academy has been launched which is a comprehensive multi-year program tailored to Saudi talent’s specific needs and aligned with Saudi Vision 2030’s human capability development objective. Research by Boston Consulting Group indicates that Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce market value is projected to exceed SR57 billion by 2025, doubling from SR25 billion in 2021. With a curated curriculum focusing on cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, Amazon training academy aims to propel Saudi Arabia’s economic potential by fostering a highly skilled and future-ready workforce.

Amazon Training Academy’s Path to Innovation in Cloud Computing, Retail, and Logistics

At the core of the academy’s curriculum lies Amazon’s customer-focused ideology, fostering a learner-centric approach and cultivating a drive for inventiveness and innovation. Through comprehensive courses in cloud computing, retail, and e-commerce logistics, participants will gain expertise in management and leadership models, enabling them to spearhead innovation in these domains. The cloud computing track offers transformative technology certifications, while the operations track integrates Amazon’s end-to-end fulfillment and last-mile capabilities, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to establish and oversee their logistics enterprises. By nurturing knowledge, skills, and values, this program fosters a culture of innovation among individuals and organizations alike.

Scaling Customer-Centric Operations: Amazon Academy Empowers Entrepreneurs

Amazon Academy collaborates with MCIT’s Future Skills Program, equipping local talent for the evolving job market. Its immersive curriculum blends virtual learning, in-class sessions, and hands-on workshops. Regular assessments prepare candidates for competitive regional and international employment. Leveraging customer-centric operations and innovative approaches, the academy empowers entrepreneurs to manage scalable e-commerce ventures. Training and certifications, spanning all skill levels, are provided at no cost, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

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