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Andre Russell named brand ambassador of UK technology brand T4tec


Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Nandini Shukhla

Andre Russell, the star all-rounder of defending champions Deccan Chronicles in the Abu Dhabi T10 league, was recently announced as T4tec global brand ambassador. Andre Russell sees excellent synergy between his success as a world-class international cricketer and the UK-based premium affordable electronics brand he is now the face of.

Describing the strategic relationship, he now enjoys with T4tec, the West Indian attacking all-rounder says: “In my game, it is all about being the best, and making sure the fans are happy. The same holds true for T4tec; it [T4tec] is about giving people who cannot afford top home electronics brands premium quality at an affordable price.”

Russell who was recently in the UAE playing the Abu Dhabi T10 league for Deccan Gladiators, further admits that as a professional international cricket player, he constantly encounters all kinds of consumer technology brands, including in his home country Jamaica in particular, and the wider Caribbean region, but it is the “ethos of T4tec”, under its CEO, Dipesh Majithia, that is “close” to his heart.

Synergy with T4tec

The way Russell emotionally connects with the British home-grown electronics brand is apparent when he states: “Throughout my career, I was approached by many brands to represent them; wear their shirts kind of thing, but none of them felt the way I feel with T4tec. T4tec is an amazing brand, and I am happy to be part of the brand story, especially as the brand enters the Middle East market, beginning with the UAE.”

In an exclusive interview in Dubai with MENews247, Russell says he eagerly looks forward to T4tec soon opening a large electronics store in the UAE. Given the existent market potential of the brand that designs its entire product line of smart TVs, wireless sound bars, toasters, cordless kettles, and TV remotes in the UK., he sees the brand doing great work by providing top-quality Smarts TVs and other electronics at an affordable price to the consumers.

With the recently concluded FIFA World Cup fever reaching a frenzy in the region, 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall Russell acknowledges that soccer was his first love and that if he hadn’t been a cricketer, he would have been a footballer playing league football around the world.

Secret Ingredients to Success

When asked about the top-secret ingredients that make him a top international cricketer, Andre replied that ‘Luck’ has played a crucial role in him becoming a leading professional cricketer. He said he had seen many talented cricketers —bowlers and batters with natural talent- who played good cricket. Still, when they were given a reasonable opportunity, they got nervous, couldn’t perform, and blew up the chance. These talented cricketers failed to grab the opportunity with both hands. And now, they are waiting for a second opportunity, but it seldom comes in cricket.

He further adds that ‘hard work’ is everything. Nothing comes easy in this life. And one has to put in the hard work and sweat to become the best cricketer in the world. He said it is also important to see failure and to know what loss feels like to succeed. “If I had only won games, I wouldn’t have known what failure is.”

Drawing from his own experience Russell said, “Never give up! Sometimes, you will get peak form and then lose that form. Whether it is batting or bowling, you will drop an easy catch. Never think you are not good enough. Always remember the good things when you are down.”

The explosive all-rounder further adds that “you need to sacrifice a lot to become a top cricketer or successful at anything you do. After all, there is no glory without sacrifices.” If you want to achieve something, you need to go out there and give your one hundred percent. You cannot expect miracles to happen by simply sitting at home; you need to sacrifice your comforts and luxuries to become the best at what you do. Luck, Hard work, and Sacrifice; are Andre Russell’s best advice to aspiring international players.

T4tec looks to this partnership as a path to expand its presence in the region along with Andre to build and grow the brand exponentially.


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