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Top Angel Investors in Saudi Arabia Contributing to Startup Growth

Top Angel Investors in Saudi Arabia Contributing to Startup Growth

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Saudi Arabia is recognized as a hub for innovation and startups in the Middle East. This is driven by the long-lasting commitment of the investment ecosystem to the development of prospective startups. In fact, Saudi Arabia’s angel investors are known for their recurrent investment in technology, health, finance, real estate, and other startups at the pre-Startup or research stage towards achieving profitability. 

Why Are Angel Investors Important? 

Angel investors are significant in providing capital for early-stage businesses. Usually, this capital is in exchange for equity in the organization. Hence, the company does not have to pay back the actual money. Specifically, an angel investor is a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs. 

Seeking funds from these angel investors can be a great way to acquire financing without debt. Angel investing sometimes goes beyond monetary returns and reduces the risk attached to loans and bonds. Compared with other forms of business funding, business angels are more beneficial. Moreover, you would be opportune to access invaluable insight and guidance for your startup.

Top 4 Angel Investors in Saudi Arabia

Here are 4 popular angel investors who have been instrumental in contributing to technology development in Saudi Arabia:

1. Waleed A. Alballaa

Specialties: Tech, Retail, Corporate services, Food technology

Waleed A. Alballaa is a Saudi angel investor with a strong interest in tech. He has a history of investing in tech companies and working closely with innovators to scale or expand their businesses. Waleed is presently the managing partner at Sukna Ventures. He is also the co-founder of one of Saudi’s largest VC funds and is the founding member of the Saudi VC/PE association. Sukna Ventures operates as a venture capital firm. The Firm focuses on investments in early-stage digital transformation businesses. Sukna Ventures serves customers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

2. Musaab Hakami

Specialties: E-Commerce, Agri-Tech, Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet

Musaab Hakami is the present Chief Financial Officer at Sary Technologies. He is an avid supporter of businesses and startups across borders and an angel investor. He is passionate about seeing startups grow and expand to success. 

3. Tuba Terekli

Specialties: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Enterprise Software, project management, SME development

Tuba Terekli is the co-founder and MD of Lead Angels. She is also the co-founder of the Qotuf Al Riyadah Development Company, the first private entrepreneurship foundation in Saudi Arabia. In addition, Tuba established Saudi’s foremost accelerator, called Flat6Labs Jeddah. She is also a renowned international business development guru and investment expert. Specifically, her investment focuses on futurism, tech development, and equity investment. 

4. Vladimir Gidirim

Vladimir is an angel investor and venture partner. His specific style involves a closed community of VC and angel investors. The vision of this community is to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, Vladimir has advised domestic and multinational businesses on lowering their risks emerging from corporate structures and international transactions. 


Saudi Arabia’s economy is projected to increase exponentially by 7.7% at the end of this year. Startups play a crucial role in this vision-Saudi Vision 2030. This is why angel investors are very important in expanding the frontier of the economy by providing capital and expertise to startups. 

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