July 22, 2024

Aramco Digital and Intel to Pioneer Saudi Arabia’s First Open RAN Center, Propelling the Kingdom into Next-Gen Connectivity

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Aramco Digital Co. and Intel announced intentions to open a development center for KSA’s Radio Access Networks (RANs). 

According to a statement from the two companies, the move is to foster technological innovation, drive innovation, and support KSA’s digital transformation. 

KSA’s Radio Access Networks: Advancing Open RAN Technologies for Resilient Communication Infrastructure

Through this partnership, open RAN technologies will be developed and implemented more quickly. All of which will strengthen the Kingdom’s commitment to building a strong and resilient communications infrastructure with an emphasis on speeding digital transformation across a range of industries. Additionally, the action aims to keep up with Vision 2030, which emphasizes economic diversification and technological advancement.

What Is Open RAN?

Service providers can now use non-proprietary subcomponents from multiple vendors due to an ongoing revolution in mobile network architectures known as “open RAN.” Open RAN, a cutting-edge wireless network framework, enables increased flexibility, interoperability, and innovation. 

Both companies said in a joint statement that Aramco Digital will offer chances for the deployment of open wireless access network technologies, as well as in-depth knowledge of the Kingdom’s development goals and ambitions. They will also offer an insight into the Kingdom’s economic situation. Intel, for its part, will provide its knowledge of open wireless access network technology.

Aramco Digital and Intel’s Contribution to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Objectives

One of the main areas of cooperation between the two companies is the innovation center. The center aims to develop into an innovation hub and promote interaction between researchers, industry experts, and engineers from Aramco Digital and Intel.

Both companies also hope to foster local competencies by offering instruction and hands-on experience in open RAN technology. They also hope to quickly advance terminal computing technology, which is used to gather and process data.

In the meanwhile, they intend to further expand by linking KSA to the global landscape of open wireless access network development and deployment. This is in keeping with the goals of Vision 2030, and they plan to support the local economy through technology-driven projects.

The CEO of Aramco Digital, Tariq Amin, believes that this partnership will spark KSA’s digital transformation. 

The joint goal of the two companies, according to Sachin Katti, Senior Vice President of Intel and General Manager of Networks and Edge Group (NEX), is to quicken the deployment of open wireless access network solutions both inside and outside of KSA.

In 2024, the Open Wireless Access Network Development Center is expected to open, representing a significant turning point in the Kingdom’s transition to a technologically advanced future.

The goal of Saudi Aramco’s technology subsidiary Aramco Digital is to promote technical innovation and digital transformation in a variety of industries.


The collaboration between Aramco Digital and Intel is paving the way for Saudi’s first Open RAN Center, demonstrating the Kingdom’s commitment to developing KSA’s Radio Access Networks. This groundbreaking project supports local talent, advances technical innovation, and strengthens global connectivity in line with Vision 2030.

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