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Basic Guide to Start a Tech Career in Decentralized Finance in Saudi Arabia

Tech Career In Decentralized Finance

Tech Career In Decentralized Finance

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The increased prominence of decentralized finance comes with the need for specialized careers centred on maximizing its use. Therefore, tech careers are an essential part of the DeFi ecosystem. Without people specialized in areas of decentralized finance, it might not reach its maximum use.
Why a tech career in DeFi is essential for Saudi Arabia

Earlier this year, a survey revealed the rise in the adoption of digital currencies in Saudi Arabia. An increased interest in cryptocurrencies among Saudi citizens, the nation’s favourable regulatory climate and a large consumer base all contribute to the growth of decentralized finance.
Saudi Arabia will play a crucial role in expanding digital currencies in the Middle East region. At this stage, a career in DeFi is needed to sustain the industry’s growth in Saudi Arabia.

Examples of tech careers in Decentralized Finance

As the industry progresses, there are bound to be more tech careers that will be unveiled. However, the following are some tech careers in DeFi.

1. Crypto Trade Analyst/Financial Analyst

2. Programmer

3. Copywriter

4. Quality Engineer

5. Community Manager

Guide to starting a tech career in Decentralized Finance

The primary step to starting a tech career in decentralized finance is understanding the industry. Next is to know the kind of role you want to play based on the skills you already have. Then you venture into the job market.

Here is a short guide to starting in some of the tech careers listed above

• Crypto Trade Analyst:

As a trade analyst, you will be developing DeFi solutions, preparing financial models for crypto projects, advising on crypto investing and so on. To build a successful trade analyst career, you must know about all the cryptocurrencies in existence. In addition, technical analysis skill is crucial to know the best time to buy and sell.

• Programmer:

DeFi finds its use case in several sectors, particularly fintech. A programming career in decentralized finance will require an understanding of programming tools like Java and Python. Programmers also need to understand the decentralized ledger technology that blockchain operates on.

• Copywriter:

Copywriting is one of the most in-demand skills within the DeFi space. Organizations are always looking for skilled writers to create articles, social posts and content centred on crypto. To be a copywriter, you must be interested in and understand DeFi. Good rhetoric and proper research skill alongside grammatical accuracy are also vital.

Saudi Arabia is one of the MENA region’s top hubs for emerging and advanced technologies. Thus, companies and governments alike are constantly looking for those who can add value to growing the DeFi space.

Bottom line

For someone genuinely interested in a tech career in DeFi, watching trends within the space can be of great help. Furthermore, as much as decentralization is at the core of DeFi, it still requires human input to maximize its use; this is where tech careers remain relevant. With all said and done, good luck as you start a tech career in decentralized finance!

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