June 24, 2024

Best AI Tools In The Middle East

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are software tools that use AI to do various kinds of tasks. They can help streamline processes, offer data-driven insights, and automate jobs. AI technologies are applicable in a wide range of fields and contexts, including banking and healthcare. AI technologies have the potential to increase the effectiveness of current operations by using the capabilities of machine learning and natural language processing. Here are some of the best AI Tools in the Middle East currently available.

What Are The Top AI Tools In The Middle East? 

Vertex AI 

Vertex AI shines as a fully managed and integrated AI development platform. It provides a unique set of tools comprising 130+ foundation models, including the powerful Gemini 1.5 Pro, AI Studio, and Agent Builder. This tool enables users to create and apply generative AI to promote innovation within your company with confidence. 


In the IT industry, SysAid is a cutting-edge, next-generation ITSM platform. Its scalable and flexible IT service management solutions are designed to handle complex IT infrastructures, streamline processes, guarantee compliance, and boost productivity.


Use Miro to coordinate your team’s discussions (previously RealtimeBoard and AWW app). Miro is a remote collaboration tool and virtual whiteboard that facilitates more effective cross-functional teamwork to create amazing projects. Teams may brainstorm, visualize, and share ideas without limits via the platform. 


Pimberly is a comprehensive PIM (Product Information Management) software that runs on the cloud and synchronizes every facet of PDM procedures. The platform speeds up product launches and global expansion while also increasing time to market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI app available?

Grammarly and Otter.ai are popularly known as some of the best AI apps available today. Grammarly helps accelerate writing tasks, and Otter.ai is an AI-powered automatic transcription service. 

Which AI is best in the world?

Google Assistant is a leading artificial intelligence software solution that stands out for its advanced machine-learning components and useful features.

Who is the No 1 AI in the world?

Some of the biggest AI companies by market capitalization as of May 2024 include NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Alphabet.

Which country is better for artificial intelligence?

With $249 billion in private financing and about 60% of “top tier” AI researchers, the US is at the forefront of leading the AI movement. 

What free AI app is everyone using?

Fotor is noted as one of the top and most free AI apps in 2024 for image editing, amongst other tasks.

Is Google an AI?

Google is considered AI since it incorporates artificial intelligence into its products and services.

What are the most used AI tools?

Examples of some of the most used AI tools in 2024 include Candide, Recruiting, Paradox, Textio, and HiredScore.


Discover these top AI tools in the Middle East in 2024, offering innovative solutions in a variety of areas, including IT service management, virtual collaboration, and product information management. 

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