June 24, 2024

Best Audio/Video Call App in the UAE (Paid or Free)

Audio/video call apps have become increasingly important in today’s world. In countries like the United Arab Emirates, their importance is above the roof as they help maintain personal and business relationships in bustling cities. These apps have also become quite invaluable for education and learning, offering invaluable information and content to aid student’s learning. That is not all; audio and video conferencing apps have also been increasingly used in the promotion and production of healthcare services, most especially healthcare consulting. Lastly, the government has found it used in public services as it has provided ease in interacting with some public services. It has occasioned the availability of resources that might have otherwise deprived the public. Now that you know and understand the importance of audio/video call apps, it is also essential that you utilize the best of these apps to get full enjoyment. Here are some of the best audio/video call apps in the UAE.

What is the Best Audio/Video Call App in the United Arab Emirates


WhatsApp is primarily a messaging platform that has gained popularity worldwide in various countries, including the UAE. As with icing on the cake, the media also offers audio/video call features that are not to be trifled with. These features certainly enhance the app’s usability and functionality and ensure efficient communication with others. It has been declared one of the best as it supports free front- and rear-end video and audio calls, provided one is connected to the internet. It also consumes minimal data, which can always be adjusted using the data saver feature. All communications on WhatsApp have end-to-end encryption, which means that conversations cannot be monitored, and privacy is top-notch.


C’me is an audio and video call app designed especially for that purpose. It is quite prominent in the UAE and can be used for high-quality calls to promote efficient user communication. Like WhatsApp, C’Me also uses the end-to-end encryption feature to ensure the privacy and integrity of calls. Some of C’Me’s features involve cross-platform compatibility with several devices to allow users to utilize services whether or not they use an Android or iOS device. C’Me features hit closer to home as it was developed by a UAE-based company, which means that the features are better suited to the geography, and the support setting is one to commend. C’Me remains a free app in the UAE.


Botim is well used in the UAE and has become synonymous with secure and reliable audio/video calls like its counterparts. It is a free audio call app with features like file sharing, voice messages, and group chats. However, that free subscription is only limited to calls within the UAE. For international calls, users must purchase an affordable subscription plan that offers unlimited opportunities to make several international calls. Like its peers, Botim also provides end-to-end encryption to prevent eavesdropping attacks like man-in-the-middle attacks. The app is also known for its high-quality audio and video calls.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ reputation precedes it as its mother company is known for efficiency in the development of apps, and Teams is no exception. Teams are widely used in the UAE for business purposes, particularly scheduling and collaborating on meetings, project management, and international communications. Teams is built on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, so businesses are assured of reliability and accessibility. Among Microsoft Teams, several commendable features are its collaboration features, which offer virtual meetings, screen sharing, file sharing, and instant messaging. The app is integrated with Office 365 tools and provides end-to-end encryption like its peers. Teams offers a free version, a paid plan, part of its Microsoft 365 suite, and an enterprise plan for larger organizations needing more advanced administrative tools.


This article examined free and paid versions of some of the best audio/video call apps in the UAE. We hope it helps you decide when opting for an audio/video call app, free or paid.

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