June 24, 2024

Best Bank for Salary Account in the UAE


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The UAE is a famous place not only for its iconic architecture but also for being a significant financial hub. Its banking sector caters predominantly to its foreign residents. These people constitute over 85% of the population. If you work in the UAE, you need to use the best banks for a salary account in the UAE for your financial stability. There are many options available from top banks in the country. We will give the best options below.

Best Salary Account Banks in the UAE

Below, we will look at the best options to receive your salary account balance.

Standard Chartered Salary Account

The first bank we will look at is the Standard Chartered Bank Salary Account. This salary holds no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. The bank gives you your first checkbook free of charge.

Also, you get to enjoy numerous Shariah-compliant solutions with Standard Chartered Saadiq. Furthermore, you can easily access funds and deposit cash at Cash Deposit Machines. It offers special loan rates and rapid processing for highly efficient banking services.

There is no minimum balance requirement. If you earn over AED 5000, you will enjoy zero maintenance fee. Moreover, you can manage funds effortlessly with SC’s acclaimed online and mobile banking platform (SC Mobile).

To open a Standard Chartered Bank Salary Account, you must be a UAE National or Resident and at least 21 years old. The documents you need to open an account include a salary transfer letter, resident visa, passport, and Emirates ID.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

ADCB is another prominent contender for the top salary account in the UAE. The account offers appealing interest rates on balances, coupled with the advantage of no obligatory minimum balance. Additionally, ADCB provides customers with complimentary debit cards, free checkbooks, and access to their user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms. The bank has an excellent customer service reputation and an extensive network of branches and ATMs all over the UAE.

You enjoy a free first checkbook for AED accounts. You can carry out various banking activities effortlessly, such as salary transfers, fund movements, payments, checkbook requests, and debit card issuance. However, it is open to salary earners of at least AED 5000. You need an original passport with a UAE residence visa (valid for more than a month), a salary certificate, and an original Emirates ID.

Mashreq Neo Salary Account

Mashreq Bank is one of the oldest banks in the UAE. It is widely known for its innovative banking solutions and outstanding customer service. The Mashreq Neo Salary Account caters to individuals seeking cash-back incentives upon salary transfers. Account opening is fast and easy. You can also invest in foreign currencies and gold. You get to enjoy ATM transfers, complimentary cash withdrawals, and additional perks.

It is open to salary owners of a minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000 or an annual turnover of AED 60,000. It is open to those  18 years and above. To open an account, you need a valid Emirates ID, resident visa, salary certificate, copy of passport, and Emirates identity card.


RAKBANK is a popular option for salary accounts in the UAE because of its customer-focused strategies and competitive packages. The RAKBANK salary account includes a complimentary debit card, SMS and email notifications, and access to RAKBANK’s digital banking facilities. Moreover, the bank provides appealing interest rates on savings and favorable terms on personal loans and credit cards. With its widespread network of branches and ATMs, RAKBANK ensures a smooth and hassle-free banking journey for its clientele.

Final Words

If you work in the UAE, you need money management. One thing that can help you is having a salary account in a good bank. You can choose to use any of the banks we spoke about.

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