June 24, 2024

5 Best Banks In The UAE For ExPats 

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The United Arab Emirates is an evolving financial hub in the Middle East. This recognition comes with a healthy amount of stability for residents as the first beneficiaries of the growth. However, expatriates may benefit less because they are not in the UAE. Sadly, not all banking sectors believe in serving expats and residents equally. But some singled-out banks do. Hence, this article talks about the best banks in UAE for expats. 

What Are the Best Banks in UAE For Expats? 

 1.Emirates NBD 

Emirates National Bank Of Dubai stands as one of the best banks in the UAE for expats. After the merger of Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD) in 2007, Emirates NBD rose to become the largest bank in the region and now holds top positions regionally and internationally. It is a trusted name for expat citizens online and offline because it delivers a simplified banking experience and necessary financial services. These services include investment offers, loaning offers, multiple credit card types, insurance programs, current and saving accounts, etc.

 2.Mashreq Bank 

Being one of the oldest banks in UAE, Mashreq has a long and unique history of unwavering commitment to all clientele, including expats and residents. It is a leading actor in technical innovation and digital advancement, which explains all the solutions they have brought into the banking section of the UAE. Mashreq Bank is best for expats because it offers a complete range of services like retail, treasury, and corporate products. So, whatever account an expat opens, whether personal or business, it will thrive with Mashreq. They offer wealth management services through investment solutions, advisory services, and asset management.

 3.First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) 

When a quest to find an excellent equity bank in the UAE is raised, First Abu Dhabi Bank is one to see. The bank is dedicated to reliable service to all its clientele at home and abroad. It is well recognized as one of the best expat banks in UAE through its customized solutions and products. Expats enjoy comprehensive financial offers catering to individual and corporate needs. Islamic banking, corporate banking, retail banking, and investment solutions are open to all customers, including expats. As a top expat bank, FAB supports organizations’ growth by generating financial solutions. 

 4.Standard Chartered Bank 

Founded by Sharjah in 1958, Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank with a strong presence in the UAE that provides both conventional and Islamic banking services. It is a multinational company that operates worldwide in different countries. With a strong focus on customer service, Standard Chartered Bank gives exceptional banking solutions that meet the elaborate needs of its clientele. Their unique thing is that they tick all the boxes with their consumer banking, corporate banking, and wealth management services. Users can also earn up to 7,000 AED in cashback.

 5.Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ADCB 

With a broad branch reach, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, also known as ADCB, is spread across different branches and ATMs, making it easy for customers to access their banking services and withdraw cash at any point they want to. It is a bank that helps people to manage their money for day-to-day expenses or long-term savings. ADCB runs digital banking through a user-friendly platform and a mobile application so clients in other counties can manage their accounts in bill payments, money transactions, and more from the comfort of their homes. Like every other user, expats get a variety of accounts to choose from, credit cards to use everywhere else, loans and mortgages, and investment services. It is a great bank that caters to your expat needs.


Nothing will stop the United Arab Emirates from evolving as a global business and cultural hub. But while this growth is ongoing, the banks highlighted above remain trusted and essential entities for UAE expatriates interested in managing their finances and seizing opportunities for the greater good. 

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