April 20, 2024

Best Cashback Credit Cards In The Uae

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In the blossoming financial space of the UAE, cashback is a reward system for any cardholder. It lightens one’s burden to know that every transaction made with a cashback card returns a certain percentage of what is spent. These cards bring convenience and reasonable benefits to cardholders. Many banks in the UAE offer cashback credit cards, but this article narrows down to the absolute best worth your time. 

Five Best Cashback Credit Card In UAE 

1.  ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum 

Cardholders seek ways to reduce withdrawal deductions by making many payments and withdrawals with a single swipe. But with cashback credit cards, it is possible to complete a series of transactions without losing money. ADIB cashback card offers 1% cashback on every single card expense. So swiping means gaining here. It provides full permission to withdraw all the card limits in cash. Additionally, cardholders get free access to airport lounges worldwide through Veloce Lounge, complimentary valet parking space, and more. 

2. Citibank 

Citibank acknowledges the importance of its customers and gifts them cashback cards. These cards are the best in the UAE. Here is why. Cardholders are offered a 3% cashback on non-AED spending, 2% on grocery and supermarket spending, and 1% on every other spend.  Awesome right? There is also unlimited access to the global airport lounge and an instant cash loan facility on the credit card. With these benefits, Citibank intends for cardholders to have a smooth path. 

3. FAB Cashback Credit Card 

Being a resident in the UAE, you are already at an advantage of enjoying deals from various cashback credit cards. But remarkably, the Fab Cashback Card increases your chances of enjoying more. It opens the membership floor with 300 AED cashback as a welcome bonus. Interestingly, that is not all. Cardholders enjoy multiple cashbacks, like 5% on supermarket spending, every utility and fuel card expense, 1% on retail costs online and offline, 2% cashback on non-AED expenses, and even more. Fab also offers free unlimited access to 10 airport lounges through this credit card. 

4.  Mashreq cashback credit card 

It is recommended to consider upper limits while searching for a cashback credit card. This means every bank has profitable cashback limits to their cardholders. So, once this limit is reached, cardholders stop getting cashback. The Mashreq cashback credit card is one of the best because it supplies unlimited cashback on every credit card expense. This means cardholders will be okay with exhausting any limit. Other benefits include cashback on dining expenses in the UAE, international spending, and all local expenditures. 

5.  RAK Bank Titanium Credit Card 

Among other reasons cashback credit cards exist, a paramount reason is to make every spending less sore. So, cardholders can trust there is some saving happening somewhere as they usually spend. In the UAE region, RAK Bank does not charge annual fees from cardholders. This card can be used for life without payments. There is also the provision of 5% cashback on supermarket spending, 50% cashback on movie expenses, and 2% cashback on local and international purchases. Knowing there are also travel accident insurance services and travel discounts for cardholders is excellent.


The cashback rate is a factor to investigate when considering a cashback card. The cards mentioned have multiple rates on each card expense. To make an excellent choice, you can research to find out which matches your spending style best. 

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