June 24, 2024

Best Travel Credit Cards In The UAE 

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Roy Disney said, “Decision-making is easy when your values are clear.” That profound statement applies to different spheres of life regarding making a great decision. The same goes for choosing a sound travel credit card in UAE. Credit cards are financial tools designed for several purposes, including convenient payments, rewards for leisure, travel, transactions, shopping, dining, and so on. The UAE also gives points on credit card spending, dining and movie discounts, and every transaction made. Knowing the best travel credit cards in UAE that redeem dirham on every spend is also a great benefit. 

What Travel Credit Cards Are the Best? 

 1. Emirates NBD Dnata Platinum credit card 

If you are a UAE resident who earns at least 2,180 dollars (DH8,000), you can apply for this Emirates NBD Credit Card. What do you stand to get? Straightway discounts on airline tickets, holiday packages, and dining in the UAE. You gain the bank’s credit shield pro-life and job loss insurance policy. Mind-blowing right?

Additionally, there is airport lounge access to over 25 local and international airports. Being one of the cheapest cards to get in UAE, account holders pay 143 dollars (DH1,000) annually. Aside from all mentioned, there are so many other travel discounts and benefits. 

 2. First Abu Dhabi Bank Infinite Travel Card 

This FAB Infinite travel card offers holders car rental services, hotel discounts, flight booking privileges, and other services to make it easy to travel. With an annual fee of AED1500 paid quickly via FAB miles, exclusive benefits come rushing down the client’s way. First, there is the welcome offer of cashback of AED3000 for just activating the card. Then, the bank gives an instant travel voucher of AED1500 for travel purposes via their travel portal. Also, six whooping rides are given to customers internationally when using the card, and the cashback of 25 dollars credit per ride is redeemed. It is one of the best travel cards with many benefits ranging from complimentary hotel night stays to discounts on airline brands and more. 

 3. RakBank World Mastercard Credit Card 

The Rakbank World Mastercard has it all. There is a juicy offer of a free first year for cardholders. So, for 365 days (about 12 months), the numerous benefits are enjoyed without a fee. How amazing is that? It is also a card that runs digitally without hassle in booking travel. Cardholders get exclusive discounts on airfares on all airlines. Interestingly, complimentary travel insurance includes personal accident coverage, medical emergency expenses, daily in-hospital cash benefits, and clients’ visitor fee coverage. These insurances make choosing the Rakbank credit card a great necessity. 

 4. ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card 

Be it travel, hotel accommodation, entertainment, food, and more, the Etihad Guest Platinum credit card offers great discounts on them. With the first year free and payment of AED 525 from the second year onwards, customers get 12,000 Etihad guest miles credited to their account after activating the card. Every spend receives up to 1.25 Etihad guest miles and 1000 as a monthly bonus. Once you become a client with the bank, you get complimentary lounge access at over 1000 airports worldwide. Customers get car rentals with 20% discounts, smooth car bookings online, and more. 


There is a lot to look out for when choosing the right credit cards for travel, and the values you are searching for might need to be more specific. It is necessary to zoom in on your availability, convenience, affordability, and benefits needs. The travel credit cards mentioned above have all these qualities. 

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