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Boosting The Digital Transformation Of Saudi Arabia With Huawei’s Future Space

Boosting The Digital Transformation Of Saudi Arabia With Huawei's Future Space

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Saudi Arabia is on track to overtake other nations as the world’s digital economy superpower by fully implementing new technology. All facets of Saudi society are being disrupted by technological innovation, from digitizing governmental processes to creating megaprojects. It positions the state as a tech hub. The solid digital infrastructure of KSA has helped to smooth its technological transition.

Future Space, a brand-new technological experience center, will open in Saudi Arabia. It is the largest exposition center outside China and has 1,500 square meters of exhibit space. In the following five years, 200,000 people are expected to attend the exhibition center. Huawei and the Saudi Space Commission are working together to get it up. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation strategy is being advanced in line with Vision 2030. As Huawei continues its digital transformation journey, the collaboration coincides with its commitment to CRS, talent development, and supporting the KSA’s digital efforts.

● Saudi Future Space: What Does It Have To Offer?

It takes a great deal of effort to establish a space center. Being a multifaceted field, the industry requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge. Emerging innovators will get the opportunity to give speeches at Future Space. Autonomous vehicles, controlling robots with brain waves, and 3D printing are just a few of the sophisticated technologies that will be featured in Future Space. In this field, Saudi Arabia has made significant investments and has established one of a kind future space with the help of Huawei. The kingdom is making efforts to broaden its economy’s horizons and establish a scientific, regulatory, and technological environment in response to the expanding business opportunities provided by space.

● China-Saudi Arabia Relations: Bringing Immense Benefits For Both Countries

Both China and Saudi Arabia have gained from their deep associations. A private-public partnership between tech firms and government entities offers value to the local technological ecosystem because Saudi Arabia seeks technological change as one of its major objectives. Saudi Arabia wants to introduce the latest technologies to its young population. The state intends to encourage emerging talent to think creatively about innovation. KSA will be able to deliver practical, tested technological solutions with a positive social effect because of a partnership with a leading global technology company like Huawei. The nation’s digital economy has been improved because of Future Space, which also draws investment from several other tech giants.

● Toward A Future Powered By Digital Technologies

A crucial component of Vision 2030 is the development of knowledge and a data-driven society. In the future, the Saudi economy will offer a diverse range of innovative electronic services. Future developments that are driven by digital technology will result in higher living standards, environmentally friendly production methods, more comfortable homes, less urban traffic and emissions, and all-green energy. To enable this change to happen more quickly, Huawei will collaborate with partners including Saudi Arabia. Toward enabling a truly interconnected, savvy world, the company’s mission is to deliver digital technology to every individual, household, and business.

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