June 24, 2024

Collaboration between Aramco and GCT to Propel 5G Innovation in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi’s Aramco, the largest oil company in KSA, has signed a partnership agreement with GCT Semiconductor Holding. GCT is a company based in the US that develops and distributes advanced 5G and 4G semiconductor solutions. This sets the stage for a strategic partnership that will help build up the 4G/5G ecosystem in Saudi Arabia for both mission-critical and public safety networks.

Aramco stated while announcing the partnership that its goal is to create and co-develop chipsets and modules for LTE, 5G, and the NTN spectrum to facilitate the localization of wireless end-user devices and the production of IoT devices across the kingdom.

GCT Semiconductor CEO John Schlaefer stated that he was looking forward to working with Aramco and leveraging their cutting-edge 4G and 5G capabilities as well as AI-driven modem features to build the local ecosystem and provide dependable, fast communication for critical applications in Saudi Arabia and the wider region. 

He said that the kingdom’s 4G/5G ecosystem will be further developed with the assistance of GCT Semiconductor.

Saudi’s Broader Strategies for Fostering Technical Development Through Aramco Digital

The oil company’s digital and technology subsidiary, Aramco Digital, announced in January that it would collaborate with Intel to construct Saudi Arabia’s first Open RAN (Radio Access Network) development center. It is a component of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which emphasizes economic diversification and technology developments, as well as the nation’s intentions to construct more flexible communication networks.

Aramco Digital and Intel expressed that the partnership for an Open RAN center will create an innovation hub, train the local labor force, and have an economic benefit to the nation. Additionally, employees at the development facility will receive training on Edge computing and Open RAN technologies.

More About GCT

GCT is a top fabless designer and provider of advanced 5G and 4G LTE semiconductor technologies. For the leading global wireless carriers, its reliable methods have made it possible for a wide range of commercial devices, including smartphones, CPEs, mobile hotspots, routers, M2M apps, and more, to have fast and dependable 4G LTE access.

According to the company, GCT’s system-on-chip solutions combine digital signal processing, baseband modem, and radio frequency functionalities to provide full 4G and 5G platform solutions with tiny form factors, low power consumption, high performance, high reliability, and affordability.

According to market capitalization, Aramco is also among the biggest corporations in the world. Early in 2023, it established Aramco Digital as a part of an effort to expand its operation and promote emerging technology.


Aramco and GCT Semiconductor’s collaboration is expected to propel 5G innovation in Saudi Arabia, bolstering the nation’s digital revolution and improving the regional ecosystem. The region’s dedication to developing communication technologies and encouraging the expansion of emerging industries is demonstrated by this collaboration.

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