June 24, 2024

Collaboration Between PIF-Owned SITE and Diriyah Co. to Enhance Digital Solutions In KSA

_Cybersecurity In KSA

_Cybersecurity In KSA

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The Saudi Information Technology Co., commonly known as SITE, and Diriyah Co. signed a memorandum of collaboration, which will provide the drive to improve cybersecurity in KSA and its technological infrastructure.

Diriyah Co. was created in 2022 as one of the PIF’s main projects. Its goal is to develop and carry out the Diriyah project. It aims to make Diriyah a popular place for tourists all over the world to see true Saudi heritage and learn about the history of the Kingdom.

Strengthening Cybersecurity In KSA

According to a formal release, the agreement intends to boost cybersecurity and technology improvements in the Kingdom.

Saad Al-Aboodi, the CEO of SITE, shared how important it is to give partners safe and reliable digital opportunities while also making it easier for Public Investment Fund companies to work together. Al-Aboodi added that this action is a continuation of SITE’s work on the safe digital transformation of the Kingdom, which is in line with the goals of Vision 2030.

Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Diriyah Co. Group, discussed this by pointing out how important it is for the company to work with SITE to improve cybersecurity and technology. Inzerillo added that the goals of Vision 2030 are in line with the goal of this collaboration, which is to make the digital world safer and more secure by sharing knowledge, resources, and skills.

According to a summary bulletin released by the Ministry of Commerce in July, the number of cybersecurity companies registered in KSA rose by 52% in the second quarter, from 1,462 to 2,229. The bulletin also said that 1,424 registrations had been given out by Riyadh, 373 by Makkah, 278 by the Eastern Province, 56 by Madinah, and 23 by Qassim.

The increase in numbers showed that the international cybersecurity community thought KSA was becoming more aware of the risks of the internet as the Kingdom updated its laws, regulations, and infrastructure to deal with the problem.

Furthermore, internet users in KSA are growing more aware of cyber threats; in a poll conducted in July by the multinational technology company Cisco, 97 percent of participants stated they take extensive precautions to ensure the security of their home connections. Over 21,000 people from 12 countries took part in Cisco’s Broadband Survey. Of those, 2,000 were from the UK

Salman Faqeeh, the managing director of Cisco Saudi Arabia, stated at the time that their poll had verified the rise in the importance of cybersecurity among Saudi Arabian consumers in relation to their use of internet services. He emphasized that this result was consistent with their past research, which had shown that 73% of consumers in the Kingdom were worried about the possibility of cybercriminals compromising their gadgets.


The collaboration between SITE and Diriyah Co. is a significant step in improving the digital environment in KSA. The collaboration’s advantages for numerous industries cannot be stressed as the country joins the global digital transformation movement. KSA is prepared to establish itself as a technological powerhouse in the region and beyond by improving digital solutions and bolstering cybersecurity in KSA.

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