May 23, 2024

Current Developments in Saudi Arabia’s Smart City – NEOM



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The inception of NEOM City dates back to 2017 as an initiative introduced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is centred on being a significant project for Saudi’s diversification of its economy.

The smart city is to stretch across the desert, and the government of Saudi Arabia has set aside $500 billion for its construction. The goal is to have a city free of cars, carbon emissions and greenhouse gases; it will rely only on clean and sustainable energy.

It will also incorporate significant traditional buildings and will surely be a major tourist attraction centre. Saudi Arabia’s smart city is slated for completion in 2025 and can host international flights before 2030. It is projected that NEOM will contribute about $48 billion to Saudi’s Gross Domestic Product and create 380,000.

NEOM does not exist in a vacuum; it seeks to address issues that baffle humanity. The CEO of the Project, Nadhmi Al-Nasr, has briefly stated that the project is a coalition of the brightest minds dedicated to restricting the future and chaining it into a perfect sustainable future in the next 20 to 30 years.

Construction has begun on NEOM’s site, and the world’s expectations are palpable as it awaits completion. The section below gives a current analysis of NEOM’s current construction project.

What are the Current Developments in NEOM

NEOM has progressed from a pipe dream in the imaginations of the big-ups in Saudi Arabia to a tangible reality. The project began with the first building phase and is set to kickstart operations with its first destination, Sindalah, in 2924. Saudi Arabia has also issued live footage of the construction progress in NEOM. The smart city has four key regions – Trojena, Oxagon, Sindalah, and The Line.

The NEOM agency has reported that nearly 20% of the NEOM’s infrastructure works have been completed. It also stated that the city will house about 450,000 persons come 2026. The Line is also slated to accommodate more than nine million residents in three different communities.

On the other side, the Trojena region is set to hold the Asian Winter Games in 2029 and is situated in the Sarwat mountains, which are more relaxed than other parts of the desert. The country also aims to use artificial intelligence in constructing the city and futuristic developments that amplify clean energy, sustainability, and the latest technologies.

What are the Expected Advantages of the Construction of NEOM

Indeed, one glaring advantage of NEOM’s construction is the numerous economic development that it has stored for Saudi Arabia. From the story by local actors to foreign direct investment, the project is expected to increase Saudi’s GDP by creating several jobs. Additionally, NEOM may just be what the world needs to prove that sustainable measures work and should be encouraged. NEOM prioritizes innovation, sustainability, and quality of life, and this may just be what Saudi Arabia needs to set it apart from the rest of the world


Much to the chagrin of many critics, NEOM has mainly proven successful up until this point, and the results speak for themselves as the current developments in NEOM have been nothing short of amazing. One can only look forward to the numerous potentials available in NEOM.

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