May 23, 2024

Dewa’s Solar-powered Data Centre Project: a Major Milestone for Renewable Energy in Middle East and Africa for Reducing Environmental Impact of Data Centers

_impact of data centers

_impact of data centers

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In recent years, the global demand for data storage and processing has skyrocketed, leading to exponential growth in the number of data centers worldwide. However, the environmental impact of data centers cannot be ignored, as they consume massive amounts of energy and produce a significant carbon footprint. This is where Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) steps in with its ambitious green data center project, which has been making waves as a significant milestone for renewable energy in the Middle East and Africa.

To reduce the environmental impact of data centers, this project has already gained global recognition for being the largest data center in the world powered by renewable energy. Dubai has set ambitious goals to deliver 100% clean energy and decrease carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050. Launching the biggest green data center in the Middle East and Africa is a significant step toward achieving these objectives. Furthermore, this project aligns with the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy, which seeks to reduce electricity and water demand by 30% by 2030.

A Solar-Powered Marvel: The Guinness-Recognized Biggest Green Data Centre

The sustainable data center was developed by Moro Hub and is recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest data center in the world powered by solar energy. The center’s comprehensive solutions have been designed to offer cutting-edge services in various fields, such as cloud and hosting, digital transformation, cybersecurity, IoT, smart cities, and professional and managed services. Additionally, it will provide Moro services backed by advanced ChatGPT technology.

Digital Transformation In The UAE: Paving The Way For A Tech-Savvy Future

The UAE is at the forefront of digital change in the region, with its digital economy projected to grow to over $140 billion in 2031. The data center, which operates on renewable energy, is more extensive than 16,000 square meters and has over 100 megawatts of capacity. The brand-new sustainable data center includes solutions from worldwide IT giants such as Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Huawei. VMware, Emirates NBD, Digital Dubai Authority, and Dubai Islamic Bank are among Moro Hub’s most prestigious clients and technological partners.

Greening The Cloud: The Growing Importance Of Sustainable Data Centres

Green data centers are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions through various measures, such as using energy-efficient hardware, cooling systems, and renewable energy sources. Sustainable data centers take things a step further by considering the broader impact of data centers on the environment and society, such as water usage, waste management, and social responsibility. The DEWA’s solar-powered data center is set to be the largest data center in the world powered by renewable energy. The project forms an exceptional standard for sustainable infrastructure in the region and beyond by reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption.


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