June 24, 2024

Dr Al-Hamad Spearheads AI Revolution in Commercial Arbitration, Elevating Productivity and Global Competitiveness

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Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, Dr. Kamal bin Abdullah Al Hamad, announced that the Centre has started to build a mechanism using AI techniques. The initiative is intended to improve international commercial arbitration processes and is in line with the national visions of the GCC countries.

Precision in Arbitration: Dr. Al-Hamad’s Meeting with SDAIA President on Data and AI Integration in the Legal Industry

In this regard, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Alghamdi, President of the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA), and Dr. Al-Hamad held a beneficial meeting. The conversation focused on enhancing teamwork in incorporating contemporary technology into the legal sector. 

In particular, they explored the noteworthy developments in data analysis and the drive for more accurate arbitration rulings by using artificial intelligence-like legal software and instruments. Another main focus was using machine learning to improve and streamline the legal and arbitration processes.

At the meeting, there was also a discussion of developing a cooperative framework to develop a legal framework outlining the use of AI methods in arbitration and other dispute settlement. This includes putting out legislative guidelines and technical requirements for party and evidence identification. 

Notwithstanding these obstacles, it becomes increasingly likely that, in time, technology and artificial intelligence will be used more frequently in international commercial arbitration. It is anticipated that these technologies will become more efficient and effective as they develop, which will improve the arbitration process.

Recognizing SDAIA’s Impact

In regards to data and artificial intelligence, Dr. Al Hamad conveyed his gratitude for the important role the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) played in establishing itself as a specialized national authority in KSA. The organization is recognized for its commitment to planning, creating, and enabling the integration of fresh studies and advancements in the field of data and AI.

Dr. Al Hamad stressed how important it is for professionals working in the GCC countries‘ courts and settlement industries, including arbitrators, to receive the necessary training and equipment to meet the needs of the modern world. 

The Impact of AI Capabilities on Workflow Efficiency

He went into more detail about the possibilities of these AI programs, highlighting how they may streamline processes and enhance management. Operations within arbitration centers are subsequently facilitated and expedited as a result. In order to give arbitrators strategic insights during the decision-making process, these technologies offer preliminary assessments of cases, filter simple matters before moving forward to arbitration sessions, evaluate evidence and statements quickly and effectively, and extract patterns and trends. They also assist in the drafting of legal documents, offer interpreting services during hearings, use data to predict court outcomes, and support parties in making decisions, all of which save a great deal of time and effort at work.


The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, led by Dr. Kamal bin Abdullah Al Hamad, embraces an AI-driven revolution in international commercial arbitration. This effort, developed in collaboration with SDAIA, demonstrates the GCC’s commitment to increasing Data and AI integration in the legal sector, promoting precision, efficiency, and global competitiveness in dispute resolution.

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