April 20, 2024

Dubai Data Strategy: Executing a Culture of Data Sharing and Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Dubai Data Strategy

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The Dubai Data Strategy presented by Smart Dubai aims to create a data ecosystem and strengthen public-private partnerships. The strategy is predicted to have a Dh 9.6 billion economic effect. The policy framework is intended to foster a sense of sharing data and evidence-based decision-making in the city-state. Further, it will serve as a guideline for everyone participating in data exchange.

Dubai is collaborating with all stakeholders from both the private and public sectors to develop this strategy to evolve as a data-driven digital city. The Dubai government has strong bets on the Dubai Data Strategy, which is an integral ingredient of digital wealth creation and maximization.

The Strategic Objectives of Dubai Data Strategy

The Dubai Data Strategy has built on several objectives and thirteen fundamental principles. The strategy empowers Dubai to realize its smart city objective of being the world’s happiest city, maintain data adhering to international best practices, and optimize data utilization. Integrating and harmonizing federal and local government services is another strategic objective of this strategy. It is imperative to increase transparency by establishing governance rules for data disclosure and interchange. Further, the system is intended to improve decision-making, enhance the efficiency of services, improve data quality, implement data-driven policies, cultivate an innovative culture, and maintain the privacy of information when disseminating and exchanging it. Dubai’s economic and development initiatives will be based on data.

Using Data to Make a Positive Impact on Society and Improve Lives

Dubai Data Strategy is developing an aggressive approach to sharing data in a secured and frictionless manner. Dubai will employ data to address critical problems and provide social and economic benefits. The emirate will set the groundwork to build a digital city by executing this strategy. Dubai is seeking a robust, and diversified data community to participate in the development process. Dubai Data Strategy will support and develop a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing the living standards of its residents and tourists. The goal of this strategy is to improve the lives of people, thrive in the market, and generate profit.

Drive Towards Digitization in Dubai

Dubai began digitization in 1999, intending to create a digital and paperless government. The goal of becoming a Smart City was raised in 2014, and Dubai established legislation to provide an all-encompassing data infrastructure in 2015. Information about cities is collected and exchanged using this system. Further, Property Finder and Smart Dubai are collaborating on offering updated data products for a critical economy segment. The Data Science Lab will also be opened in Dubai. It aims to develop data science capabilities in the city and to promote cooperation among those in the data science community. It is to recognize and explore opportunities that will help Dubai build a data ecosystem.

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