June 24, 2024

Electric Vehicles On A Budget In The UAE

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 by Ola Precious Akinkuolie

With a rising need for more sustainable practices, the demand for ‘Green’ vehicles is increasing rapidly. More and more people want to buy EVs; however, they have to consider the various types of electric vehicles available as well as factors like their budget and needs. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most affordable electric vehicles in UAE

Top Affordable Electric Vehicles In UAE

Wuling Mini EV

One of the best-selling EVs right now is the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. Despite being one of the smallest electric passenger cars in the world, it can accommodate four people. There are two battery options available to buyers: 9.2kWh and 13.8kWh. The Wuling Mini EV’s 20kW motor is powered by these batteries. Its stated range with the 9.2kWh battery pack is 120 kilometers, and with the bigger 13.8kWh battery pack, the range is 170-kilometers. The Wuling Mini EV cost starts at around AED 34,500.

Renault Twizy 

The French automaker Renault produces this electric car called the Twizy. It is a one-seater microcar that is frequently categorized as either a light or heavy quadricycle. If you are thinking of going with this option, there are two Renault Twizy models available: the 45 and the 80. These figures represent what their maximum speeds are. A 4kW motor powers the 45 model, and a 13kW motor powers the 80 model. If it has a fully charged battery, its practical range is 80 kilometers. However, it can only go 50 kilometers on a completely charged battery when driven at high speed continuously. The Renault Twizy starts at AED 24,000.

Tesla Model S

The American EV maker Tesla’s first electric car, the Model S, is credited with catapulting the company into its current level of popularity. Tesla Model S development began in 2006, and it was finally launched in 2012. It quickly became the fastest electric sedan and one of the quickest EVs of all time. Several Tesla Model S variations have been launched in recent years, with battery capacity ranging from 75kWh to 100kWh. This offers the Tesla vehicle a range of 400-650 km. The Plaid, the most powerful version of the Tesla Model S, is also the world’s fastest accelerating automobile. The price of the Tesla Model S begins at AED 55,000

Mitsubishi AirTrek 

GAC Mitsubishi manufactures the Mitsubishi AirTrek, a small electric crossover car. GAC Mitsubishi is a joint venture of the GAC Group and Mitsubishi. The company is known to produce a variety of automobiles, some of which have very sleek features. It is powered by a 70kWh lithium-ion battery pack that supplies power to a 135kW electric motor. This combination provides the EV with a claimed range of 520 km on the Chinese CLTC test cycle. The Mitsubishi Airtrek starts at AED 87,000


The expanding demand for electric vehicles in UAE provides people with the opportunity to access inexpensive, eco-friendly options. From the compact Wuling Mini EV to the high-performance Tesla Model S, the market offers numerous choices to fit different needs and budgets.

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