May 23, 2024

Emirates Health Services Forges Partnership to Deploy AI-Powered System Enhancing Patient Health Monitoring

Emirates Health Services

Emirates Health Services

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Dr. Mohammad Salim Al Olama, Chairman of Emirates Health Services’ Board of Directors, observed the signing a memorandum of understanding between Emirates Health Services and

In accordance with the strategic targets and goals of the government and EHS, the MoU aims to use generative AI technology in patient room monitoring systems to improve healthcare standards even further.

Director General of EHS, Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, and Chakri Toleti, CEO of, officially signed the MoU. In addition, Mubarak Ibrahim, Acting Executive Director of the Information Sector at EHS, and Dr. Zahid Al Sabti, CEO of Magenta Investments, attended the occasion. There were also many representatives from both organizations present to see this important event.

The Future of Healthcare: Transforming EHS Facilities with AI and

By using Generative AI and deploying the system throughout EHS healthcare facilities, the MoU aims to develop partnerships in a number of sectors in order to achieve better patient care outcomes. The driving force behind this will include a smart and virtual nursing platform that covers emergency rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units, neonatal units, and other settings to deliver efficient patient care.

The platform will support medical staff in responding quickly and executing all patient care protocols. It will also aid in classifying patients based on a variety of factors, such as their mental health and preventing infections.

The technology will aid in making detailed medical decisions about the patient. This will improve productivity, further streamline workflow processes, and guarantee better patient experiences.

Also, the platform allows the service provider to automate regular administrative operations, improving professional productivity by automatically tracking and monitoring workflows and services using real-time data.

According to Dr. Mohammed Al Olama, the partnership helps to deploy generative AI technology in the healthcare industry efficiently. He stressed how partnering with CARE.AI will improve patient monitoring and guarantee the delivery of effective and safe medical services. He emphasized EHS’s dedication to accomplishing its strategic goals, which include offering the greatest healthcare services to the population in line with national priorities, the aims of “We the UAE 2031,” and the goals of the UAE Centennial Plan 2071.

Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal stated that the agreement marks a significant step in further bolstering the UAE’s healthcare industry. He said it improves people’s quality of life by providing proactive, integrated, and sustainable healthcare services using cutting-edge generative AI technologies. He emphasized the critical role this project will play in helping EHS reach its objectives, which include boosting client experiences and improving quality of life. This will help EHS become a premier healthcare provider in the UAE and beyond.


This partnership is important in advancing healthcare standards and fulfilling Emirates Health Services’ strategic objectives. The goal of implementing Generative AI across various healthcare departments is to boost efficiency, streamline workflows, and eventually deliver better patient experiences. 

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