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Emirates ID Fine Check, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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In the UAE, it is normal to get a fine from the police or other departments for breaking laws, rules, or other directives issued by the government. Depending on the sort of offense, there may be charges or other penalties imposed on people through their Emirates IDs. How can you check your Emirates ID fines so you don’t get in trouble? Here’s a guide to help you with your Emirates ID fine check in Dubai.

How To Do An Emirates ID Fine Check In Dubai?

There are different ways to do an Emirates ID Fine Check in Dubai, and some of these methods are discussed in detail below.

Abu Dhabi Police Website

  • On your browser, open the Abu Dhabi Police’s official website.
  • Select the “Our Services” option.
  • Choose the “Fines Payment” menu item.
  • Enter your Emirates ID to log in.
  • The fines list will show up.
  • If you owe any fines, you can pay them online immediately.

Dubai Police Website

  • Open the Dubai Police Department’s official website.
  • In the search bar labeled “Search For The Service,” type in “Fines Inquiry and Payment.”
  • The “Fines Inquiry and Payment” tab opens, and click “Apply.”
  • Next, another “Fines Inquiry and Payment” page comes up; click “Access Services.” 
  • When the final page opens, enter the relevant data, such as the plate details, license, and ticket.
  • Choose “Search” to see your fines.


How can I remove my Emirates ID? 

Open the ICA website and log into the website. Find the “Services” section of your account. Click ‘Application for Exemption from Delay Fees which is under the Emirates ID section.

What is the UDB number?

The unified number, or UID or UDB number, is a unique number given to each person possessing a UAE visa.

How can I check all my fines on Emirates ID?

Go to the GDRFA website. In the “More Services” section, select “Fines Inquiry.” To view your fines, select “Emirates ID” under “Search Type,” enter your ID number, gender, and date of birth, and then click “Submit.”

Where can I check my Emirates ID status?

Open the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s (ICA) website. Enter your passport number, application no (PRAN), or Emirates ID number. Once on the website, navigate to the ‘Check Application Status’ section on the first page.

Are UID and Emirates ID the same?

The Unified Number (UID) is mandatory information/number needed to apply for an Emirati ID.

Can I access my Emirates ID online?

All you need to do is log into the UAEICP app with your UAE Pass account to obtain an electronic copy of your Emirates ID card through the ICP mobile app. Click on the Emirates ID menu. Click on your name to see your ID.

Which app shows Emirates ID?

The UAE Pass application serves as the first national digital identity and signature solution. 


Checking Emirates ID fines in Dubai can be done quickly using the official websites of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Police. Ensure you do your Emirates ID fine check regularly to pay any outstanding fees and avoid additional penalties.

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