June 24, 2024

Emirates ID Fine Check (In 2 Minutes)

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Respecting all legal requirements is essential in the UAE to prevent unfavorable outcomes. If an individual breaks the law while in the UAE, they can incur a fine, which will be reflected on their Emirates ID card. Below, we explore what Emirate ID fines are and steps on how to check bus fine in Emirates ID card.

What Is An Emirates ID Fine? 

An Emirates ID fine is a sum of money linked to a person’s Emirates ID card imposed for breaking laws or regulations in the UAE. All nationals of the UAE, the GCC, and foreign residents are subject to the penalty fees. 

How To Check Bus Fine In Emirates ID Card

One of the easiest ways to check bus fine in Emirates ID card is through the GDRFA fine check. To get started with the GDRFA fine check, go to the GDRFA official website. 

  • Click on “Emirates ID” in the Search Type section
  • The next step is to enter your Emirates ID number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click on your gender, then click on the “submit” button. 
  • Any bus fines that you have to settle will come up. 


How do I check my overstay fine in the UAE?

Go to the official GDRFA or ICP website to check overstay fines in the UAE. When you get to the website, look for the “Check Fines” option under “UAE Visa Services.”

How can I pay for my Emirates ID fines?

You are allowed to use either a credit card or debit card to pay your Emirates ID fines online.

Can you check if my Emirates ID is still valid?

Begin by visiting the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). In the appropriate section, enter your Emirates ID number, application number (PRAN), or passport number. Choose your nationality and enter your date of birth. Finally, tick off the ‘I’m not a robot’ check that will appear and click ‘search.’

Can I use my Emirates ID after the expiry date?

Any ID card that has expired has 30 days from the expiration date to be renewed; after that, late fines will be imposed. 

How can you renew your Emirates ID when it expires?

It should be noted that the owner of an Emirates ID must request to have it renewed when it expires.

Can I pay an overstay fine at Dubai Airport?

When leaving the nation, you can pay at DUBAI airports or GDRFA-D Headquarters if the overstay is shorter than 30 days. Paying is only available at GDRFA-D Headquarters if the delay exceeds thirty days.

How to check bus fine in Emirates ID card?

There are seven easy steps to check Emirates ID fines. Follow this GDRFA fine check guide:

  • Visit  the GDRFA website 
  • Click on Fines Inquiry
  • Click on Emirates ID Search Type
  • Input your Emirates ID number 
  • Next, verify with reCAPTCHA. 
  • Input your date of birth and gender.
  • Finally, submit and view fines.

How do I find my GDRFA file number?

Go to the website www.gdrfad.gov.ae. Right from the home page, you should click on “E-services.” Some options will appear; click on “Find my UID.”


Always ensure you strictly adhere to all existing laws whether you are a citizen, resident, or simply a visitor in the UAE. It’s vital to remember that unless you pay any outstanding fees, unpaid fines will be linked to your Emirates ID card. 

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