May 23, 2024

Everything You Should Know About Generative AI

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Ola Precious Akinkuolie

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hardly a new concept. While we have all gotten used to the presence of AI in many of the technologies that we use, generative AI took the world by storm roughly two years ago. Ever since, it has enjoyed significant adoption. 

While generative AI applications like ChatGPT have been at the forefront of this popularity, generative AI is much more than ChatGPT. 

What You Should Know About Generative AI like ChatGPT

The Goal of Generative AI is to Create Human-like Content 

Generative AI is an umbrella term for AI tools that produce content similar to content produced by human beings. Essentially, you use generative AI to create text, images, and videos that are “realistic” enough to seem like they were produced by humans. 

For instance, when you try to get ChatGPT to write your school essay, you expect that the output is good enough to convince your lecturer that it was written by you. That is what generative AI provides– a semblance of human creation. 

Generative AI is capable of replicating human-like content because the models identify patterns in data and subsequently create an output that mimics the detected patterns. 

Generative AI is More than ChatGPT

Generative AI covers numerous applications, and ChatGPT is only a small part of the generative AI ecosystem. Generative AI does not only include text-to-text applications, it also includes text-to-image applications like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. 

Interestingly, there are reports that DALL E has over 1.5 million daily users and processes up to 2 million images daily. 

More Companies are Likely to Invest in Generative AI

When the popularity of generative AI exploded, many companies completely shunned the idea of using AI to execute tasks. They often cited security risks regarding sensitive information that may be fed to generative AI applications. 

However, generative AI could also provide immense benefits to corporate players. Thus, the ‘AI ban’ may not last long. As experts have confirmed, generative AI has the potential to cut costs for companies. 

As this year progresses, more companies will likely explore the possibility of adopting generative AI to automate their business processes. 

Deepfakes are a Big Problem 

While generative AI has undoubtedly been beneficial, it equally has a dark side which has its shortcomings. The creation of deepfakes is one of them.

Since generative AI produces human-like content, it can easily be used to create fake images and sound. The creation of deepfakes has continued to increase. These deepfakes have been successfully used to depict fake narratives that have sparked significant controversy. 

For instance, an AI-generated image that depicted Donald Trump’s arrest sent waves across social media in early 2023. While there is no standard way to detect an AI-generated image, there are some telltale signs you can look out for. 

First, AI-generated images often appear to be hyper-real. Essentially, the images look artistic and overly glossy.  Secondly, there are inconsistencies like incomplete or horribly-drawn fingers in the image. 


Generative AI has undoubtedly disrupted many sectors. Moving forward, generative AI’s adoption is set to get bigger, especially as its product offerings become more advanced. 

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