May 23, 2024

Exploring the Future of Cloud Tech at GITEX: What’s in Store for 2024?



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Hi everyone. This is Nandini Shukhla (NS) from Tech News Middle East. We’re here at GITEX with Tarek Salameh (TS), the solution engineer for Cloudera.

NS: Hi Tarek. What does Cloudera represent at the GITEX this year?

TS: As you know, starting this year, there is a lot of customers, the partners, the SI’s, they are coming here to unveil the cutting edge technologies and the AI and in cloud computing. We have this year making the news about unveiling our latest cutting edge technologies.

The first one is about the open data lakehouse capabilities which we are bringing to our customers this year where they unlock their data space to use with the different type of analytical capabilities from data engineering, data warehouses, machine learning and AI into a single platform.

Second thing that we are bringing as well for our customers, we are accelerating the base for certifying all of the hybrid scalar and into cloud computing. The cloud is inevitable. That’s what we see here in the region.

We see Microsoft, Google now they are launching next month into Saudi Arabia. So, we are certifying at, we are working closely with all of these hyperscalers to certify it and make it available from day zero with us. This is another great news that we are providing. 

Thirdly, the most important one, we saw it last year how the enterprise AI and the LLM and the generative of AI is a big topic. Applications for it is unlimited. So all of our customers, they want to tap into this space, they want to create different use cases within that capabilities. So, what we are doing there, we have prototypes that will help the customers to accelerate their journeys and we have already existing customers. They are using the GEN AI, like OCBC,  BankX  that we have to deploy our stock into their solutions.  We have others on public cloud to use that generative AI and to cover all of the concerns that they have.

NS:That’s very interesting. So what will you expect in 2024?

Yes, the expectations we see it based on what we see in the market. The first one is a lot of investments going to the enterprise AI and to the LLM. There is a huge interest in that space because the customers, they want to deploy, they want to improve the customer experience, they want to do the optimization internally, they want to unlock the value for the customers by creating insights into untraditional type of data using these AI solutions. So, most of the customers, they are allocating a budget for that space. Therefore, as a big thing from Cloudera, we are doubled down from that investment perspective. We are working closely with media, with hyperscalar, with solutions to scale that up to provide certain acceleration solutions to help them to deploy that on any of this hyperscalar or to the website.

NS: I think that’s gonna be a big big breakthrough in 2024

TS: Yes.

NS: What has been something which has been a lot of impact in 2023?

NS: The impacts that we have done here. The first one that we built because all of this and the hype that we have, that we saw in AI; it is based on the data itself. What we have done here is to build a foundation for all of our customers, built this like a centralized data lake, lakehouse capabilities to be ready for the future. So, once they have it there, they have a solid foundation, they can take it to the next level. So, this is one of the great things that we have done. Another thing that we have done it recently since we certified this because you saw it the hyper scalar, optical cloud. We certified the regions here and the UAE and we saw that we have customers here in the region.

We see now some of the customers they will evaluate, shall I go to the public cloud solutions only or to go with the hybrid?

NS: Managing technology with the customer-centered approach is something very crucial that we all look forward to but what’s gonna happen in 2024. Give us something like anything make big announcement that you would like to give?

TS: Yes. Definitely because we are doubling down on the investments on the AI and to the machine learning space. The first one that we are providing, we are going to have different apps, which is applied and prototype, like for example the whisper from a source from speech-to-text as AI capabilities, we are providing these for the customers as a prototype that is going to be available on our stack. Secondly, as well we are going to support different regions from the hyper scalar like Google for example that is going to be launched and we will help the customers into their journey to the cloud solutions. This is our directions. AI and the cloud native solutions to run with us.

NS: Thank you so much Tarek, it was lovely speaking to you.

Unveiling the Coolest Tech

At GITEX this year, it’s all about pushing boundaries in the world of AI and cloud computing. We’ve got some exciting news to share:

  1. Open Data Lake House Capabilities: We’re jazzed about this technology that lets our customers unlock their data world. Think data engineering, data warehouses, machine learning, and AI all bundled up into one user-friendly platform.
  2. Speedy Hyper Scaler Certification: Cloud computing is the name of the game in our region. Microsoft and Google are set to launch in Saudi Arabia next month, and we’re working hand in hand to certify and make their services easily accessible to you.
  3. Generative AI Galore: Generative AI is a treasure trove of possibilities. Our goal is to help our customers dive into this space, creating all sorts of amazing applications. We’ve already got players like LBC bank using our stack for their solutions.

Peeking into 2024

The buzz is all about Enterprise AI and LM. Expect more investments in these areas as we team up with hyperscalers to offer solutions that can be deployed across various platforms.

Impactful Strides

We’re patting ourselves on the back for laying down solid foundations in AI and data. Our centralized data Lake to Lake House capabilities are gearing you up for the future. The recent certifications of hyperscalers in the region are allowing some customers to smoothly transition to the public cloud. Choices, choices!

The Road Ahead

Looking forward, Cloud Era’s putting more muscle into AI and machine learning. Get ready for some cool prototypes like ‘The Whisper,’ using machine learning for speech-to-text AI. We’re also prepping to support different regions through hyperscalers like Google to help you on your cloud journey.

To sum it up, the future’s looking bright! Tech News Middle East and Cloudera are on a mission to keep you at the forefront of cloud tech.


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