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augmented reality

augmented reality

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Modern technologies that have taken the globe by storm include augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These immersive technologies are well received in Saudi Arabia and provide exceptional experiences in a variety of fields.


Beyond Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is a remarkable experience that lets users enter the virtual world. Gaming hubs such as “VR Park Riyadh” have appeared all throughout Saudi Arabia, providing gamers with exhilarating virtual reality games that take them to fantastical worlds. These facilities offer top-notch VR goggles and motion-sensing controllers, bringing gaming to a whole new level.

Instruction and Training

In Saudi Arabia, the fields of education and training are being profoundly impacted by VR and AR. For example, “The Jeddah Astronomical Society” teaches kids about the stars and planets with augmented reality apps. By superimposing constellations on the actual night sky, these applications make astronomy education engaging and entertaining.

Travel and Cultural Heritage

AR is being utilized in Diriyah, to revitalize historic sites. Guests can interact with historical figures and see 3D reproductions of historic structures using augmented reality apps. This contributes to the immersing nature of discovering Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural legacy.

Medical and Healthcare Education

Saudi Arabia is training medical workers with virtual reality. The “Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University” uses virtual reality simulations to teach surgery. With the help of this technology, medical students can hone their abilities in complex surgeries in a risk-free virtual setting before practicing on actual patients.

Viewing Properties and Real Estate

Real estate is changing as a result of VR and AR. Businesses like “Aqarmap” use VR headgear to offer virtual tours of their properties. Prospective tenants or purchasers can stroll through properties from the comfort of their homes, saving time and making informed decisions.

Arts and Entertainment

Saudi artists are using AR to enhance their work. The “Saudi Art Gallery” offers AR experiences where art pieces come to life with additional information or interactive elements when viewed through a smartphone app. This adds a layer of storytelling to the artwork, enriching the viewer’s experience.

Upcoming Development and Investment

Saudi Arabia is spending money on VR and AR research and development. It wants to establish itself as the center of these technologies in the area. VR and AR are only two examples of the tech innovation that the Kingdom is aggressively promoting via the “Saudi Vision 2030” project.


Saudi Arabia’s adoption of augmented and virtual reality is transforming a number of businesses in addition to improving entertainment. Immersion experiences in gaming, education, healthcare, culture, real estate, and the arts are all made possible by these technologies. We can anticipate even more thrilling experiences to emerge in the future as Saudi Arabia continues to invest in the development and adoption of VR and AR, positioning the Kingdom as a major player in this rapidly evolving industry.

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