June 24, 2024

Fake Immigration Consultants In Dubai, UAE

These days, it is not uncommon for fake immigration consultants to trick people, defrauding them of their money and time. Here’s what you need to know about fake immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE

Who Are Fake Immigration Consultants? 

Scam organizations and fake immigration consultants are becoming more inventive and bold in their strategies. These days, they are frequently mimicking reputable counselors’ online personas and social media posts. The difference between a fake and a legitimate immigration consultant is getting harder to note. Nonetheless, here are some pointers on how to spot fraud consultants and determine whether an immigration expert is reliable.

Tips On How To Spot Fake Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE

  • Ensure that the company is certified. Legitimate businesses must be registered or have a lawyer who represents them.
  • A respectable, legal company would only ever request payment via an official email address rather than messaging services like WhatsApp. If they are requesting payment using a messaging app, that is a sign that they may not be legitimate.
  • Their contracts offer an additional way to identify these fraudulent companies. When signing an agreement, the majority of those scammed by fraudulent immigration advisors did not carefully read it through. Ensure you always read the fine print.
  • Be alert if the consultant offers misleading claims to you, such as guaranteed entry into a country in exchange for high-paying jobs and faster processing. 


How do I know if my immigration consultant is legit in Dubai?

Checking for the company’s certification should be the first thing you must do. Legitimate companies need to be registered or have a representative attorney representing them. 

Who is the most trusted immigration consultant in Dubai?

Some of the top immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE, include Fly High Abroad, DM Immigration Consultant, Premier Consultant, and Global Migration Services.

How do you find fake immigration consultants?

Check to see if your immigration consultant sends you emails from a common email domain, such as [email protected] or [email protected], rather than [email protected]. In this case, you should be confident regarding the organization’s legitimacy.

How can I check if a UAE agency is legit?

A legitimate agency should be able to provide its license number, which you can verify by visiting the DED’s web portal or contacting one of its customer service centers. This measure validates the agency’s operational validity and legal status in the UAE

How do you verify an immigration consultant?

These are a few tips for ensuring the legitimacy of immigration consultants in Dubai

  1. Begin by checking their registration and accreditation through official websites.
  2. Review the consultant’s credentials. 
  3. Carry out thorough research on the consultant’s reputation.

How do I find a good immigration consultant?

It is essential to make sure they are authorized and have a valid license to practice and offer consultations. Lastly, discuss their specific services and ensure you understand how much they will charge.

What can you do if you get scammed by a fake company?

There are two main approaches to filing a complaint of this kind: immediately filing a criminal case in the appropriate court or reporting the matter to the police in the relevant emirate.


It can be challenging to navigate the world of immigration, particularly in light of the proliferation of fake immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE. However, these tips can make all the difference in your own safety.

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