April 20, 2024

5 Key Tech Used in NEOM’s Construction

_Technology used in NEOM

_Technology used in NEOM

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When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia first announced its intention to build a completely green city that spanned along the desert and consisted of two 500-meter-high liner skyscrapers merely 200 meters away from each other, experts scorned and scoffed. Many regarded it as insanity and impossible. Five years down the road, Saudi Arabia has once again made the impossible possible. The NEOM has progressed to the building phase and is set to open its doors in 2024 officially. In light of the astounding development and groundbreaking construction, it seems necessary to consider the technology being utilized in NEOM’s Construction.

What are the Key Technologies used in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Construction

  1. Artificial Intelligence

One of the technologies used in NEOM is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although AI utilization is not peculiar to NEOM, the smart city aims to integrate the technology entirely. The project will undoubtedly be well automated, with machine learning at the core of construction activities. The activities in NEOM are also to be AI-centred. The city will have an AI-powered health system and transportation system. Nadhmi AL-Nasar, the Chief Executive of NEOM, has rightly stated that NEOM aims to be a future-proof city. The city will undoubtedly be using all the AI assistance it can get.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

In its estimation, NEOM has projected that the global Augmented and Virtual reality market will advance to $570 billion by 2025. NEOM is no stranger to futuristic technology, and the city aims to have a counterpart in the metaverse, which provides opportunities for persons to live, work, and tour the city. Mansoor Hanif, Executive Director of Engineering at NEOM, observed that having a virtual reality counterpart in the metaverse will offer a glimpse into the future that the city proposes. What’s more, NEOM will make reality more life-like through virtual and augmented reality fulfilling NEOM’s goal to be a cognitive city.

  1. Advanced Robotics

Saudi Arabia’s construction of NEOM also means the country is set to achieve total sustainability goals. As such, one of NEOM’s best features is its tech-enabled experiences. Hotels in the city like Oxagon intend to integrate robots and robotics fully. The hospitality company has already promised a full robotic concierge, and the town will run on active, advanced mobility solutions. At the very heart of the project, NEOM is looking to integrate robotics into every aspect of life in the city, which is undoubtedly more advance than in any country in the world

  1. 5G Connectivity

It is the 5 G world, and we live in it. NEOM recognizes this fact, and the technology used in NEOM has been entirely 5G-centred. Saudi Arabia plans to establish a 5G network infrastructure to support NEOM’s lofty goals. The country also wants to include partnerships supporting 5G opportunities and its one-year agreement to develop 5G connectivity significantly. It is no news that the smart city intends to use the most advanced 5G technology, with plans to build an expansive wireless network to aid other technology currently in use.

  1. Purpose Data Centers

Saudi Arabia has big plans to construct hyper-scale data centers in NEOM. These data centers will support the city’s technology activities which are very data-dependent and other unique cognitive solutions. Companies like ZeroPoint DC services are already geared up to build and operate data centers that will be fully operational in the city soon. Undoubtedly there is more from where that came from


The world awaits the full revealing of NEOM. Regardless, the city’s construction alone proves that Saudi Arabia can do almost anything when it sets its mind to it. Its government has consistently shown interest in pioneering sustainability while advancing its technological prowess. Indeed, the one to watch out for is NEOM.

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