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5 Mind-Blowing Must-Have Tech Innovations in KSA Today

Tech Innovation in Saudi Arabia

Tech Innovation in Saudi Arabia

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If there is anything Saudi Arabia is known for – asides from its hospitality – it is its persistent dedication to improving its technology industry and remaining a pacesetter for the Middle East and North African Region. Over the years, the country has consistently stayed on top of technical innovation and is setting the world’s record for its smart city – NEOM. In light of this, we will consider some mind-blowing innovations in Saudi Arabia today. Below are five unique but interesting creations that might interest you.

5 Unique Innovations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Today

  • 5G Technology

Since introducing 5G technology into Saudi Arabia, the country has surpassed the world’s expectations for connectivity. The government has continued to pioneer the Middle East region’s constable ranking as one of the countries with the highest available speeds globally. The technology is also available to about 78% of the country’s population—a sharp spike from the less than average cent it had only two years ago. Regardless, the government is still looking to expand the technology to remote desert locations and is constantly researching to achieve such a goal.

  • WIFI 6E

WIFI 6E is an expanded version of the GHz WIFI bandwidth, allowing extensive activities on the current spectrum at a faster speed, lower latency, and support for AR/VR. In 2021, the Communication and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia declared that it would make the WIFI 6E available for country-wide use, making it the first country in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to do so. With the implementation of the new WIFI spectrum, Saudi Arabia has become the 7th country to have the fastest mobile internet speed in the world. Since then, the government has actively implemented the WIFI 6E spectrum across its territory.

  • Robotic Automation Process

Another tech innovation in Saudi Arabia is the Robotic Automation Process within the country. The government of Saudi Arabia, in the fall of 2022, announced its plan to expand as a global leader in tech manufacturing and development, particularly as it relates to robots and other technologies. This plan is given to achieve Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia’s automation process is reported to have the capacity to contribute $135 billion to its economy by the decade’s end. The country has also launched a Robotics and Automation Program to deploy over 200,000 robots by 2039 to improve industry efficiency and productivity.

  • Intelligent Transportation System

The Intelligent Transport System has been in the works for a while now in Saudi Arabia. The country’s goal is simple – it seeks to enhance road safety and improve traffic by expanding and integrating the transport system using innovative technology (ies). The system is an advanced application of highly innovative services to coordinate transport networks. Lately, particularly with the construction of NEOM, Saudi Arabia has been attempting to incorporate green and clean technology into its intelligent transportation system, including creating a new state-of-the-art laboratory for developing an innovative transporting system powered by electric or solar with slight resultant fossil fuel discharge.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology may not be a new tech innovation in Saudi Arabia, but it is rapidly being used in ways that are mind-blowing innovations of Saudi Arabia today. The technology is employed in the country’s metaverse climate to perform various tasks ranging from interviews to real estate. The government is also attempting to use the technology in its climate change activities and to promote blockchain technology in as many industries as needed.


These must-have tech innovations in Saudi Arabia above are just a fraction of how much the country has done regarding technology. It has consistently distinguished itself and has made a name for itself for continually jumping on the bandwagon for change and accelerating technological innovations within its borders and beyond.

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