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Gitex Global 2022: Check Out What Tech Giants Have to Say!

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The world’s largest technology event, Gitex Global, is where global technology leaders share their perspectives about recent and future technology trends. Gitex Global 2022 saw some of the biggest tech enterprises coming together. Here’s what they had to say!

The company, Poly, is concerned with manufacturing audio and video products that provide amazing experiences. The company uses software technologies, analytics, and artificial intelligence to provide the best connectivity services. The focus of Poly for 2023 is primarily on the Hybrid workforce. The company was innovative in this area for a long time and it must showcase its innovations. These innovations are meant to help the employees of various organisations in being more productive and efficient at work.

The company has conducted many surveys which reflect the employees’ (about 69%) priority to work for an organisation or company that adopts a hybrid work culture. They require their employers to facilitate them with an option to choose where to work from either office or home.

Bob Aoun, Regional Sales Director for MENA-Poly, speculates the welcome trend wherein hybrid work technology will rule the coming year as employees working with AI or big data will need a hybrid workspace to operate. So, the company has associated with platforms like Microsoft and Zoom to enable their integrations on the company’s devices. The Middle East, especially Dubai and the Gulf market,  will be set as a market priority. Dubai is all set to be transformed as an innovation hub.

The next tech giant that showed up was Shipsy. Shipsy is a logistics provider that helps business organisations to grow by cutting logistics costs. The company offers an end-to-end platform for global logistics management to improve the customer’s overall experience.

The main focus for 2023 has always been to cut down on logistics costs. Manufacturing companies and retail companies look for cost-effective logistics providers as the logistics costs form the major share of their operational costs. So optimisation of logistics can help these businesses to improve their overall costs. Shipsy focuses on providing better logistics services at low cost.

The Vice President and the Head of Marketing, Mr. Mohammed Reza, said that Shipsy can tap the huge opportunities in the Gulf. Middle Eastern countries, to name specifically UAE, is an important hub for imports.  Also, online ordering has significantly increased in the Middle East, let it be apparel or groceries and the company’s prime focus is on helping these companies with logistics for the timely delivery of goods.

Obvious Technologies company is concerned about developing solutions and new technologies in fields of AI, Video Games, etc. As far as the focus for 2023 goes, the company aims to bring more digital innovation in the field of Metaverse and AI. The company finds the Middle East as a suitable market, given the technological advancement of the region. Obvious Technologies believes that AI will be the next biggest trend and that too the use of AI.

Cloudera has been instrumental in setting tech trends all over the place. Recently, it has been offering a hybrid data platform with features such as portable cloud-native data analytics and secure data management. Regional Vice President, Zayed Alhaj, was seen suggesting that the company sees the Middle East as an important market region with numerous opportunities. The company is associating with the government and private sector to improve data usage. Cloudera is launching CDV1, which will help its customers to use their data easily while using cloud services.

On a different note, Acronis provides Cybersecurity services with over 50 integrations. The company had participated in the Gitex, in October 2022 and shared some interesting bits about the future outlook of the company. Acronis only aims to protect the consumer’s data from any cyberattack. The company provides features, solutions and products that secure the customer’s data from all kinds of malware, ransomware or breaches.

The Middle East is now advancing in IT technology. Big organisations are now relying on modern technological features such as IT infrastructure, big data, etc. The company’s services and products will be of great help to these organisations to prevent any cyberattacks. It is also feasible for these companies to work on disaster recovery solutions using Acronis cyber security products

Distributor Manager, Islam Shaker, rightfully said that the company is unique in that its products can be managed through the cloud. The platform provides various services such as protection solutions etc.,

Different companies participated in the Gitex, 2022 and most of them are focused to improve their market share in the Gulf and the Middle East given the technological advancement that is happening in the region over the past five years. Hybrid work technology, AI, Cybersecurity, and Logistics, companies from these sectors are enthusiastic to bring their services to the region in the coming few years.

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