July 22, 2024

GuestReady’s Expansion into Saudi Arabia: A Step Towards Broadening Operational Horizons

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Real Estate

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The expansion of GuestReady into KSA is a strategic move motivated by the region’s booming real estate market and the quick expansion of its travel and tourism sector. The RentalReady platform, which is driven by cutting-edge AI, is the first of its kind in that region. Its goal is to make it easier for property owners and managers to handle short-term vacation rentals while giving guests personalized plans and smooth communication. With this tech-driven strategy, GuestReady plans to improve guest experiences while establishing a foothold in the KSA hospitality sector.

Reem Al-Khatib, the GCC Managing Director for GuestReady, stated that the company chose to expand to the KSA because the real estate market and the travel and tourism industry are growing rapidly. She said that the KSA has always had a strong domestic tourism sector. She added that now that the Vision 2030 project has made it possible for people from other countries to visit the country, GuestReady has a chance to not only help visitors, investors, and property owners but also to improve the hospitality industry as a whole.

The New AI-Powered Technology from GuestReady

GuestReady is delivering its advanced proprietary platform and property management system (PMS), RentalReady, to KSA in addition to local experience backed by international best practices. Both property owners and managers can manage short-term vacation rentals with the help of RentalReady, which also provides guests with streamlined and practical services and information.

GuestReady recently added two new AI integrations to its platform. These integrations make it possible to create personalized itineraries for visitors all over GuestReady’s global network, including in Riyadh, as well as new guest communications that are AI-powered. The itineraries ensure a memorable stay at any of GuestReady’s high-end short-term rentals. Also, their AI-powered communications help guest-facing personnel react quickly, provide correct information, and handle guest questions. Across the Middle East and the rest of the world, independent property managers, hosts, and their respective guests use RentalReady as well as GuestReady.


In line with Vision 2030, the nation aims to welcome 100 million tourists annually by 2030, with the goal that they would contribute 10% to the GDP and generate one million employment opportunities in the tourism sector. The Riyadh office of GuestReady, which has a full crew of property managers, including interior designers, onboarding, and support employees, is all set to help Saudi investors and property owners increase their returns with advanced technology and end-to-end support. With the company’s move into the Kingdom, GuestReady now has short-term rental services in more than 63 places around the world. The office is the second in the Middle East. The first one opened in 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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