June 24, 2024

How Do You Check And Pay Your UAE Overstay Visa Fine Online?  

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More often than not, people can find themselves in a dire situation of incurring overstay visa fines. If you are wondering how to check your UAE overstay visa fine, we explore how to get started in this article. 

What Is An Overstaying Visa Fine?  

An Overstay Fine (or UAE Overstay Penalty) is imposed against people who stay in the country longer than the permissible period shown on their visa. Overstaying is seen as an immigration violation.

What Are The New Rules For Overstay In The UAE in 2024?

The UAE’s overstaying fines have been standardized by the ICP. According to the latest visa regulations, the overstaying fees for visit, tourist, and residence visas in the UAE have been set at AED 50 per day. 

Where Can I Pay UAE Overstay Visa Fine?

There’s an online option to pay your overstay fine offered by the ICA. Follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the ICA website.
  • In the lower right corner, select the virtual assistant.
  • Click “Apply for Services” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Pay Fine” or enter the service number.
  • Type in the unified number.
  • Enter the format MM/DD/YYYY for your birthdate.
  • Details of your violation, any fines, and a link to make payment will be displayed. 
  • To initiate a payment, click the link.
  • After reviewing the information, click “Next” to proceed to the service submission screen.
  • To finish the payment, click “pay.”

How Can I Check My UAE Overstay Visa Fines Online?

You can check your overstay visa fines on the following websites and applications using your Passport number, Visa File number, or Emirates ID number.



How to Check Overstay Fine on GDRFA

Use the link below to access the GDRFA Fine website (Fines Inquiry Service) and follow the instructions step-by-step.

Check Overstay Fines using Passport Number:

1. Select the Passport Number from the search type.

2. Type in your passport number.

3. Choose your country from the menu.

4. Type in the date of your birth.

5. Gender.

6. Security check

7. Click the “Submit” button.

If there are any overstay fines, they will show on the screen when you click the submit button. If not, you will receive a notification saying, “No fines have been found on your file number” or “No fines have been found on your passport number.” 


How many days can I overstay in UAE?

In the UAE, visitors are given a 10-day grace period to leave the country following the first 60-day period. If you fail to go within these additional ten days, you will be considered to have overstayed your visa.

Can I remove my overstay fine in the UAE?

Yes, an experienced lawyer with experience in immigration law may help lower fines for overstaying and resolving other matters.

After settling the overstay fine, can I face a re-entry ban to the UAE?

Yes, even if you pay the overstay fee, you might not be allowed to enter the UAE again. 

How can I avoid incurring overstay fines?

To avoid being fined for overstaying, make sure you leave before your visa ends or apply for appropriate extensions quite early. 

What if I don’t have the money to pay an overstay fine in Dubai?

Ignoring or delaying payment of overstay fines can have profound implications, including legal action from immigration authorities and jeopardizing future visa applications, limiting your ability to return to the UAE.

What happens if I overstay due to an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, it is essential to notify the appropriate authorities and swiftly request extensions or legal counsel.

How can I waive overstay fines in Dubai?

Although it can be difficult, you can get in touch with immigration authorities, give good explanations, get legal counsel, prove compliance, and work with them to have your overstay charges waived in Dubai.


Staying informed about Dubai overstay visa fees and constantly checking visa status is essential for a smooth and legal visit. Authorities, including the ICA and GDRFA websites, offer a means to conveniently manage visa affairs through the use of their efficient online platforms. 

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