June 24, 2024

How Center3 Regional Centre Can Accelerate Saudi’s Digital Economy



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According to Fahad Alhajeri, Center3 CEO, Center3 aims to develop a combined ecosystem of data and cable centres to entice Hyper-scalers, big data, and national and multinational service providers. Saudi Arabia’s most prominent digital enabler, stc Group, inaugurated one of its most significant and noteworthy projects in October 2022. This project is Center3 Company, which is the regional digital centre for the MENA.

The stc group previously announced the launch of Center3 at the global tech conference LEAP, with the initiative of investing $1 billion to establish a central digital centre for the MENA.

The Center3 company will be in charge of the online infrastructure acquisitions held by stc Group. This comprises submarine cables, data centres, international points of presence, and internet exchange points.

The inauguration of Center3 was held in Riyadh, with the Chairman of the Board and several executive members of the stc group present. At this event, the CEO of Center3, Fahad Alhajeri, also mentioned that Center3 would supply data services, global communication and internet exchange services. Furthermore, they intend to attain the vision of positioning KSA as the central digital hub connecting the three continents Asia, Europe, and Africa. The ultimate goal is to lead the region’s most significant share of data traffic and internet relations.

Center3 is set to be a provider of international communication and a cluster of carrier-neutral data centres for the telecommunications sector. A submarine fibre-optic network will aid this. The company aims to enhance investment opportunities in international communication services, promote digital enterprises and data centres by providing top-notch communication technology services, and elevating the capacity of data centres to a standard that matches the demands of the Asian, European, and African markets, as well as the rest of the world.

The Center3 regional centre can potentially accelerate Saudi Arabia’s digital economy by providing a variety of resources and support to technology startups and companies, and here are a few ways it could do this:

Incubation and acceleration:

Center3 can provide startup companies with mentorship, office space, and critical resources to help them grow and develop their business.

Networking and collaboration:

Center3 can facilitate connections between startups and larger companies, as well as other stakeholders in the technology ecosystem, such as investors and government organizations.

Access to funding:

Center3 can empower startups with access to financing through its network of investors and its investment arm.

Training and education:

Center3 can provide training and educational programs to help entrepreneurs and startups develop the skills required to succeed in the digital economy.

Research and Development:

Center3 can support research and development activities by startups and companies to help them to bring new technologies to market.


Centre3 can contribute significantly to transforming the digital industry in Saudi into a global telecommunication logistics centre, which puts Saudi Arabia at the forefront of the world’s leading industrial powers through the transformation and empowerment of business domains and the regional community to be digitally connected and to achieve digital evolution and progress.

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