June 24, 2024

How To Use Facetime In The UAE

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Ola Precious Akinkuolie

The limitation on Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP services in the UAE is no longer news. It is well-known by residents and visitors. This policy has made applications like FaceTime inaccessible for Apple users. Even devices gotten and used in the UAE cannot accept FaceTime. If you want to bypass this ban, hope is preserved, as this article discusses using FaceTime in UAE.

How To Use FaceTime in UAE

The FaceTime app can be used in the UAE if a feasible design is followed. What design is this? It is by using a good and trustable VPN (Virtual Private Network). FaceTime is an iPhone application that makes great-quality video calls with no restrictions. However, when this app is tried in the UAE, it fails. The reason is that this application uses VoIP services, and in the UAE, such services are restricted or prohibited. The UAE government banned apps using VoIP services in the country due to the possibility of insecurity and data assessment through them. The VPN operation has become a savior to this menace and can be used to access these apps. 

A virtual private network is an operation used to create a protected network when using public networks. It has a safe and protected system that restricts third parties from accessing users’ data. It keeps no records of log-ins, making it impossible to track users’ activities online.  Using a good VPN, one can access restricted apps like FaceTime. VPN is an incredible tool that helps bypass censorship on apps. 

There are different VPN services in the UAE. They include Proton VPN, Atlas VPN, Nord VPN, and others. It is noteworthy that although VPNs are not illegal in the UAE, some VoIP apps are. So, it is strongly advised that professionals make further clarification before use. 

What Steps To Take In Enabling FaceTime App Through VPNs.

Apple users can bypass the restrictions placed on FaceTime when they use a reputable VPN. The first step is installing a VPN server and creating an account. Then, connect the server to a country that FaceTime works in. If you have opened an Apple ID initially, you would have to log out and create a new Apple ID for the VPN to work on your device. The next step is to go to the App Store application and download it, and you are good to go!


FaceTime is an app every Apple user should enjoy from wherever they are. That unlimited reach to family and friends can be incredible. If you are in  UAE, this article sheds light on how to access the app.

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