July 22, 2024

IBM, AWS Focusing on Advance Gen AI Solutions in the Middle East

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IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently extended their partnership. The need for this extension was to focus more on developing generative AI solutions and provide Middle Eastern companies with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

The extended partnership enables IBM Consulting to educate 10,000 consultants by the end of 2024. This move intends to advance its expertise in generative AI on AWS. The goal is to provide them with cutting-edge solutions and services. This will be achieved by smoothly integrating generative AI into customers’ business and IT processes on the AWS platform.

GITEX Global 2023 revealed the Middle East’s commitment to innovation and technology, particularly emphasizing the potential of generative AI to spur change and increase productivity in the area. In a recent IBM analysis titled “CEO Decision-Making in the Age of AI,” it was found that generative AI is already being used for strategic decision-making by 43% of CEOs in the Middle East.

In order to address critical use cases, IBM Consulting and AWS partnered to provide cutting-edge collaborative solutions and services that include highly developed generative AI capabilities. IBM Consulting and AWS worked together to provide summarization and classification tools for both voice and digital interactions. With the help of these generative AI capabilities, chatbots and live agents may interact more smoothly, giving agents access to streamlined information that speeds up problem-solving and improves quality control.

What AWS and IBM Partnership Births

Through the agreement, generative AI capabilities will be added to AWS Platform Services. This new addition aims at improving the availability and serviceability of business applications hosted on the AWS platform. This involves using observability and intelligent issue resolution strategies, which boost uptime and shorten resolution times to guarantee timely and effective solutions to any problems.

The Head of AWS for the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, Yasser Hassan, emphasized the importance of strengthened collaboration in providing Middle Eastern companies with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Collaborative solutions, such as Platform services on AWS and Contact Center Modernization, demonstrate the commitment to promoting innovation and providing value.

Products and Services

The Supply Chain Ensemble is a new product on AWS that promises to launch a virtual assistant that will help supply chain experts operate more efficiently and effectively. The objectives of this project include supply chain risk assessment, process optimization, cost reduction, and improved logistics.

Moreover, IBM Consulting plans to streamline the cloud transformation process for customers looking to modernize on AWS by including AWS generative AI technologies in its exclusive IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator.

IBM has shown expertise with AWS’s generative AI products, including Amazon CodeWhisperer and SageMaker. Additionally, IBM Consulting wants to streamline cloud transformation initiatives for customers looking to modernize on AWS by including AWS generative AI technologies in its exclusive IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator. Code creation, code conversion, and reverse engineering are some of the activities involved in this integration.

IBM Watsonx

Managing Partner Bill Farrell of IBM Consulting in MEA emphasized the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, generative AI solutions. They want to enable companies in the area to fully use responsible AI, encouraging creativity and enabling business transformation via a human-centric approach by means of cooperative solutions, specialized AWS training, and the integration of IBM Watsonx.

Also, IBM is satisfying customer demands by providing watsonx.data. Users will be able to access watsonx.ai and watsonx.governance on AWS by 2024. The watsonx.data integration will increase customer access to IBM data, AI, and security technologies. 


AWS and IBM have been partners for a while. The two industry giant decided to extend their partnership to release useful technologies.

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