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In-Demand Tech Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022

In-Demand Tech Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022

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Tech is the current rave. Thus, it is no surprise that companies have flooded the job market searching for the best tech talent that the market can offer. More specifically, IT funding has significantly increased in Saudi Arabia. Last year, it was reported that Saudi Arabia’s IT spending was set to tower at over $11 billion. This increased spending has set the tone for broader job opportunities in the Saudi Arabian tech ecosystem. 

This article will discuss the most in-demand tech jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2022. 

Top Tech Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022

A wide variety of tech jobs are currently in high demand in Saudi Arabia. However, some of them include:

Software Programming

Software or computer programmers are in high demand. The primary job description of software programmers is writing code. They often have to develop code that would enable the computer’s software to function perfectly. Programming languages categorize software programming jobs, but programmers may have to adopt multiple languages to deploy code. On a regular day, a software programmer’s job description includes upgrading and reviewing existing code and detecting and fixing bugs. It is important to note that a software programmer is different from a software developer. Unlike a software programmer that merely writes code, a software developer is more concerned with the general design of the software.

Database Administration

Now more than ever, organizations manage large data volumes. This has led to the proliferation of databases on corporate systems. However, these databases need to be kept secure. This is the job of a database administrator. A database administrator caters to the security of the database and regularly reviews activities about the database. Sometimes, the database administrator might have to draft policies that provide guidelines on accessing and maintaining the database system. 

Web Development

A web developer transforms a client’s requirements into a website. This job often involves writing code and designing functional websites. However, not all web developers are the same. There are three types of web developers: frontend, backend, and full-stack. Frontend developers are in charge of designing the part of the website that users can see. Backend developers write and deploy the code lines that the website operates on. Full-stack developers are both frontend and backend developers. Each type of web development is in high demand, given that their job descriptions are different. 

Information Systems Management

While this seems more like a managerial role, it requires core technical skills to be properly undertaken. An information systems manager monitors a company’s technological development goals and ensures that technological products are deployed to fulfill these goals. The information systems manager basically coordinates all members of the IT team. 


As the tech wave continues to grow, Saudi Arabian will readily seek to recruit talent to fill tech needs as demand for tech skills increases. It would be helpful to build expertise by taking courses and certifications to take advantage of this opportunity.

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