June 24, 2024

Recent Report Highlights Increasing Smart Home Adoption in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

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Smart home devices are certainly becoming more popular in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. According to an Amazon report, six million smart devices are now crucial parts of the daily lives of Alexa users in both countries. As a result, these consumers benefit from having a connected smart home, using Alexa to manage everyday devices like TVs, cameras, air conditioners, and lights.

How Has Smart Home Adoption Evolved In KSA And UAE?

Over 130 million smart home actions and over 100 million requests to listen to podcasts, music, and the Quran were made by Alexa users in the UAE and KSA in 2023 alone. This accounts for over 70 million hours of listening time. With voice commands, Alexa operated air conditioners nearly 9 million times and turned lights on and off over 24 million times yearly, making it the second most used device category.

Generally, according to the survey, the Middle East has seen a notable surge in the adoption of smart home technology. In 2023, there was a 50% yearly growth in the number of smart home users and a 90% annual growth in the number of Alexa-connected smart home gadgets.


What is a smart home system?

With a smart device or tablet and an internet connection, homeowners can remotely operate a smart home’s lights, thermostats, appliances, and other gadgets.

Which different smart technologies are used in the home environment?

Smart door locks, garage door openers, thermostats, smart lighting systems, and TVs are a few examples of smart home technology. 

Why are smart homes trending?

Home security has never been better due to technology. Homeowners can monitor their properties remotely and receive real-time alerts using smart locks, motion sensors, and doorbell cameras, giving them peace of mind even when they are not home. 

What is the benefit of a smart home?

A smart home system can be used to operate equipment like your air conditioning, refrigerator, and heating system, as well as to monitor and program your cameras and home security system.

What are the three critical components of a smart home?

Three components comprise the most basic home automation systems: a smart device, a smartphone application, and a smart hub.

What are the primary devices used in smart homes?

Devices that make up a smart home include an internet connection, a Wi-Fi router, and smart devices (such as locks, cameras, light bulbs, and thermostats).

What modern devices make a smart house?

You require an app or platform to set up and program these devices. Also, a way to control them would be required, such as a smartphone or voice-activated speaker.


The rapid increase in smart home adoption in Saudi Arabia and the UAE reflects a growing trend toward more connected and convenient living environments. This shift emphasizes the increasing importance of technology in improving everyday life through seamless integration and automation.

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