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Interesting Sports Technology Innovative Companies in Saudi

Sports Technology in Saudi Arabia

Sports Technology in Saudi Arabia

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The world of sports is now leveraging ever-increasing technological breakthroughs and adapting. Today, we see use of new and inventive ways to assist us in enjoying the game and how it is played. Sports technology is a thriving industry revolutionizing sports as we know it, affecting everything from player performance and injury prevention to gameday television visuals, scoring, data analytics, and engagement.

What is Sports Technology?

Sports technology identifies a player’s interests and objectives. These technological advancements can take the form of wearables that track player speed and movement, sensors that gauge blood pressure and pulse rate, or, on a broader scale, instruments that track whether or not goals were scored, or penalties were committed. These comprehensive technologies are employed to enhance both our on- and off-field experiences. Examples are Wearables, Sensors, Goal-line Technology, Digital Fan Engagement, Instant Replay, Equipment Development, etc.

Interesting Sports Technology Innovative Companies in Saudi

1. Grintafy Technologies

Grintafy is a social networking site for football fans founded in 2017 and located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Users can post videos and photographs of their abilities and build profiles on the network. Invite friends over, look through the courts that are accessible, and more. The App Store and Play Store both provide the ability to download the mobile app.

2. SpoortMate

Players can access a social networking app using SpoortMate. The app facilitates player community building and collaboration during exercises and training sessions. Additionally, it aids in locating sports teammates.

3. Koura 360

Koura 360, founded in 2019, is an online source for football news. It offers material related to football in several categories, including goals, skills, match summaries, challenges, players, clubs, and others. All Android and iOS mobile devices can use its mobile app.

4. TeamUp

TeamUp is situated in Riyadh. It is an app-based social platform for sports lovers that arrange athletic activities and enables users to communicate with other players. It allows athletes from many sports to connect, including cycling, soccer, and volleyball.

5. HalaYalla

HalaYalla is an online resource and mobile application for finding and reserving players, teams, and sports venues close by. Sending invitations to friends, live chat, finding local sporting events, establishing one’s sporting event, and finding and adding sporting venues are just a few features available. HallaYalla is based in Riyadh.

6. Gulato Golato

Golato is a smartphone application for scheduling sports venues and courts. Additionally, users may inform their teammates of the stadium’s location and the reservation date. The App Store and Play Store both provide the ability to download the mobile app. It was established in 2017 and is located in Riyadh.

7. Kora Goal

Kora Goal, founded in 2015, is a company that offers a football-related app with information and updates. Users may examine events, matches & their statistics, the league table, match schedules, scores, and more.

8. Koora App

The Koora App is a smartphone application for scheduling sporting events, locating and participating in pickup games, and interacting with and playing sports with other local sports fans. On the platform, users may use the app to ask the organizer to join an open game; if the request is granted, they can get in touch with the organizer and join the game. The business has been running in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, since September 2017.

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