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AI Zubair’s Hybrid Work Lab Looking to Bring Feasibility to Traditional Workspaces

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Interview with Al Zubair Group, 11 October 2022

Tech News Middle East Interview with Jose Thadayus (JT), Managing Director, Al Zubair Group, 11 October 2022

To explain it in a nutshell: AI Zubair, a company offering value-added distribution services, saw its inception in 2008. This consultancy firm mediates between customers and partners by delivering combined solutions like a real-time communication system, meeting room scheduling integrations, video and voice conferencing, and other unified communications.

It is one of the prime companies in the sector as Al Zubair has constantly been producing innovative solutions to accommodate the unprecedented cultural shift as a result of the pandemic. The company has always advocated the need for adapting technology to meet the renewed set of priorities as times changes and such a rational reference point has contributed enormously to the company’s success. The company focuses on how their product and services perform to meet remote and hybrid work environments to empower more inclusive workspace models. they ensure a unique experience for their clients. This has made the company unparallel to its competitors.

At the Gitex Global event, Jose Thadayus, AI Zubair Group Managing Director, let us peek into the key goals that they are hawking for the forthcoming year. The focus for 2023 is on making consumers better acquainted and integrated into the cultural shift. To ensure this, the Al Zubair group is now presenting hybrid work technology across African and Middle East countries. However, there is prevailing skepticism regarding the hybrid work culture. Al Zubair Group is working on removing the usual hardships concerning the hybrid work model among customers.

Such an instrumental project titled Hybrid Work Lab seeks to develop a functional conduit that merges the interests of employers and employees. The idea is to create a talent acquisition process that doesn’t allow geo-political borders to bar the major enterprises from hiring the best talents. The hybrid work culture has opened avenues for new software, technology, and devices making it difficult for customers to choose prevailing options. The hybrid work lab mainly focuses on bridging this gap by connecting the technology to customer usability.

Jose Thadayus, the Managing director at the Al Zubair group believes that hybrid work technology will top the list of next year’s trending technologies. He believes so as the technologies like AI or VR all are utilized by employees while working in Hybrid work culture.

Transcript of the Video:

Tech News ME: So, what was the objective behind the Hybrid Work Lab

JT: The objective behind hybrid Work Lab actually, when we start trying to conceptualize this hybrid Work Lab. What we kept in our mind is mainly the customers’ experience, because there are a lot of technological changes happening every day and customers are getting confused. And when it comes to hybrid work, there are a lot of devices and software technology coming in line. So, a customer doesn’t have the option to see, what he can choose. So, the objectivity of a Hybrid Work Lab is to connect the technology to the usability and experience that is objectivity.

Tech News ME: That’s very interesting. What are the plans that you are looking for in 2023?

JT: Yes. See, we still consider Al Zubair Group, Al Zubair Group is presenting, you know, across the Middle East and Africa. So, hybrid work, technology, or hybrid work is just happening across the regions. There are customers who have confusion, in terms of understanding the old concept of business, and all concepts of office. So, Al Zubair Group is looking forward to 2023, to give the customers an understanding of how the culture of offices and the culture of home offices are changing. So, our duty is to take customers to that, you know, that change.

Tech News ME:  That’s a new innovation that has actually come up and looks after all the employees or the employers.

JT: Correct, correct

Tech News ME: That’s very interesting and you might have heard about all these technologies like cloud and artificial intelligence. Now I have a question for you, according to you, cloud, artificial intelligence, hybrid work, and cyber security; what do you think will be a bigger trend next year?

JT: In 2023, I believe, hybrid work is going to be the top most, you know, the technological change happening in the industry, and all the rest of the technologies, I’m going to support Hybrid Work Lab to achieve, Hybrid Work to achieve its moment in the market because if you see any technology like AI/VR or all to contribute to give a better experience to the, to the, employees, you know, while they’re working in hybrid, working moments.

Tech News ME: Why Al Zubair Group stands out in the industry that provides all of this

JT: Right. So this is, you know, a key question because there are a lot of vendors or partners there for Microsoft or the software. Al Zubair believes in a cultural shift. So, see, for the last post-pandemic, there is a huge cultural shift happening across the world. But, adapting to the cultural change and connecting that cultural change to the devices or the technology is a key element. Al Zubair Group today believed that we can be better, you know, a translator of that technology to the culture. So, I believe, that is how Al Zubair stands out in the crowd of, you know, Windows who’s offering different products, we want to give in a manner which customers feel, you know, that’s an experience.

Tech News ME:  That’s absolutely interesting


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