October 4, 2023

Interview with Acronis at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Interview with Acronis at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Tech News Middle East Interview with Islam Shaker (IS), Channel Manager, Acronis at Gitex, 10 October 2022

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Tech News ME: So, what is your focus and like what are your plans for 2023 for Acronis?

IS: Actually, our focus for 2023 is to protect our data, customers’ data, this is the most important thing for us and in our business and in our technologies. So we are providing all the required solutions, features, products that can help our customer to protect their data from any kind of breach, ransomware, any kind of threats that they may have.

Tech News ME: Why do you think that Middle East is an important market for Acronis?

IS: Actually, Middle East is when you look to the history of Middle East for the last, let’s say five years. You can see the boom in the IT technology. Most of the enterprise companies are relying big time on the IT infrastructure, big data technologies and all these things. So, definitely they need any kind of products to protect their data from any kind of breach, to protect their data from any kind of ransomware, any disaster recovery solution that keep their data up and running and available anytime

Tech News ME: What Acronis is bringing to GITEX?

IS: Ok, fine. So, anyway, Acronis is a part of cyber security solutions and we meet a lot of customers who’s looking for any kind of solution that can protect their data. Acronis here in GITEX in order to get in touch directly with our customers, in order to understand and show them what type of features, what time of product that we can provide to them and to protect their data from any breach or any attack

Tech News ME: How is Acronis different, like stands out in cyber security solutions?

IS: Ah ok, fine. the good thing with Acronis that, our product is one of the best products that can manage through the cloud business . Our solution is good and tailor to support our portals to behave as a service providers, it can provide these kind of services, from backup solution , word somewhere, protection solution, data provider, all these services, all these features as a service for their customers. Our solution is a very good platform to offer these kind of services to them

Tech News ME: Amazing. Thank you so much. Lovely getting to know all of these in new perspective

IS: You are welcome

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