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Interview with Cloudera at Gitex, 10 October 2022

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Tech News Middle East Interview with Zayed Abu Alhaj (ZA), Regional Vice President, Saudi, Cloudera at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Transcript of Video

Tech News ME: So, we are here at Cloudera and we’ll be getting answers like some of the important questions that are related to GITEX Global 2022.
So, what are you presenting as Cloudera in GITEX Global 2022?

ZA: Thank you for this opportunity. Actually, we are excited to participate in GITEX this year. We participated last year and we believe there’s an opportunity to meet our customers, our partners and to connect with them and make sure we are on the same page, getting from them what they are looking for and offering them our solutions

Tech News ME: Why do you think that Middle East can serve as an important market for Cloudera?

ZA: I see, Middle East is the heart of all globe and we believe there is many opportunities for us in the Middle East to connect the world. There is many initiative in the region from all the countries, where we believe the citation and business transformation is important in serving the economy and this is where the countries are putting a lot of investment and we are partnering with this government and the private sector and this domain where we can leverage and increase the uses of data.

Tech News ME: So, what exactly are you launching this GITEX

ZA: The latest from our side is we are launching the CDV1, which is we are offering our customers, this is what we launched globally few weeks back, and we believe that it will benefit our customers especially they’re gonna use our cloud with such offering which make their consumption of data and usages more easy


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