September 23, 2023

Interview with Obvious Technologies at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Interview with Obvious Technologies at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Tech News Middle East Interview with Naoufal El Ouali (NO), Co-founder and CEO, Obvious Technologies at Gitex, 10 October 2022


Transcript of Video

Tech News ME: Hi! What is your business focus and plans for 2023?

NO: Obvious Technologies focus for 2023 is more to go for the digital. With new market about Metaverse, AI and stuff  like that. Our target is more to go in this type of solution. Bringing the virtual in reality.

Tech News ME: Wow! And what exactly are you showcasing for the GITEX Tech Week?

NO: What we are showcasing is something really  interesting, it’s more solution coming from the  video game. I’m sure that you play already with your game.

Tech News ME: Yes, all my childhood.

NO: Yeah. Imagine that we put all the works into video with real information as a video game.

So no need about manual or training to use of software

Tech News ME: So, you are focusing on the experience?

NO: The connectivity experience and the aim is to provide word and CDs and stuff like that , capacity for operative to use their learning, their knowledge

Tech News ME: Wow! I mean why do you think Middle East is an important market?

NO:  Middle East is very important market. In terms of technology, they are really advanced. We’re coming from France. Middle East is building the future and it’s very important to be there, for sure

Tech News ME: You must have heard about all the technologies of course the cloud, AI, automation, hybrid work and everything. What do you think will be a bigger trend next next year

NO: For me, the biggest trend will be the AI, the use of AI, not about discovering the AI. We’re using it in a day to day, it will be the next big thing for me for sure

Tech News ME: Why do you think that Obvious Technologies in this particular industry of video gaming and most of experience stands out.

NO: We are really innovative company, and what we try to do is to use, you know, IT. AI. Everything that you said to put it in one and you use it really simple

Tech News ME: What are the biggest challenges that the company might face in 2023.

NO:  The biggest challenge is to keep word and be innovative at the same time and simple to use on the same time. This is the biggest issue

Tech News ME: What would you like yo say to all these companies that have come to this GITEX exhibition

NO: Just perform what you think and take some risk

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