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Interview with Poly at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Interview with Poly at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Tech News Middle East Interview with Bob Aoun (BA), Regional Sales Director MENA, Poly at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Transcript of Video:

Tech News ME: What are your business focus and plans for 2023?

BA: Well, for this year, we have a very important trend its going, which is the hybrid workforce. And we had all these since many years, we’ve been innovating in this area and for that, it’s very important for us to show our innovation, and what we are bringing, and helping all other organization to help their employees to be more efficient and more productive in the daily work they do.

Based on a lot of surveys that we have conducted recently, we found out that there is a 69% of the workers are saying that they will not enjoy working for a company that does not embrace the change of hybrid work.

And for that, they have some expectation from their employer, where they need to be able to work from any place, whether from home, whether from their companies.

Tech News ME:  it’s quite interesting.

BA: Yeah, to be as well, to feel that they are integrated. They are fully, have a fully equal experience as the people who are in the rooms. For that, we are fully, we are illustrating here our last innovation and product that will help employees, feel engaged, more engaged with their company wherever they are, and to give them back the decision whether they want to go back to the office anytime they want or to want to have the meeting outside.

So it’s all about a hybrid work and here in the booth,  you can see different scenarios and personas on the scenarios that employees will be or people wherever they are will be facing during a work day.

So whether they are in a small room, they need to have the technology, supports their presence to be heard and directly away to be seen in a very good way, and at the same time without any disruption, from the outside. That’s why our technology as well incorporates in itself.

The best of arts, new innovation in terms of noise block or words where even in an environment that it is very noisy. Once you put our headset, you are definitely in a very quiet place,  you can focus on what is important for this moment which is your meeting. Exactly, and even it will help the other far that’s mean the people who are listening to you, to be more focused on you and not distracted by the noise around you.

All of these technologies, you can find it in our video products as well. Our personal products which is the headset or even now, we’re launching a new devices, which is the handsets, to answer those question of hybrids work.

Tech News ME:  I wanted to ask you that cloud, you know, all these technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain cybersecurity, What do you think will be a bigger trend next year.

BA: So, we’ve seen through the years that blockchain,  AI, it’s, it’s there and it’s growing, and now we believe that it’s going to be integrated into our daily tasks.

And, but in order to achieve this as well, I think the hybrid work environments for the employees who are using the AI, or any new technology like the big data, or the cloud is gonna be on the forefront of any engagements.

That’s why as well. Our devices have embraced the cloud environment, and we teamed up with the largest and the most known brands like Microsoft platform, or like Zoom to be able to integrate their cloud offering and their platform on our devices.

Tech News ME: Why do you think that specifically Middle East is an important market for Poly?

BA: Well, Middle East, especially Dubai is a hub for innovation, and we’re seeing through the years that this market is a Gulf market. And this is something very important for us, whether the adoption of that technology is going into the mix strides, the love of using the technology, we are seeing here and in Middle East. I would say they are the first adopter even for any new technology. So, we have high hopes on the goal/Gulf that we are expecting from the Middle East.

Tech News ME: I just want to ask you one more question that why, in Poly, the industry of this blouse, this headphones and immersive technology, why Poly stands out among.

BA: For may reasons in fact,  so many reasons, but just to be very clear. We’re not new in this business, we started our technology since 1961. We were the first company to equip the NASA when they went to the moon, with our headset. And this is where we continue to put our customers, and the experience that they have to face whenever they communicate together, and the forefront of all our equipment.

So, that’s the innovation, that’s quality, and we’ve been there since many, many years.


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