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Interview with Shipsy at Gitex, 10 October 2022

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Tech News Middle East Interview with Mohammed Reza (MR), Vice President – Head of Marketing, Shipsy at Gitex, 10 October 2022

Transcript of Video

Tech News ME: Hi, we’re standing here at Shipsy, and you will be getting the answers for some of the most interesting questions that we are looking for at Gitex 2022. So, what is your like focus for 2023?

MR: So, well I think you know. From a logistics perspective, logistics as well, right and from a logistics perspective, all businesses are looking at how they can save costs, right? Especially you know retail companies, manufacturing companies, who have good moving from one place to another. Well, cost of movement of goods is a big factor in their operational costs and need adoption that businesses can have in that with a big impact on their savings, right? So, most businesses that are to look at how they can help save, moving costs, helps a vehicle in optimization costs, etc. So that’s where we as a company, play a role. You know, using our technology.

Tech News ME: Why do you think that Middle East is an important market for Shipsy?

MR: Well, so I think, Middle Eastern especially UAE, it is a big hub for both imports, as well as you know movement of goods across the entire GCC, I’d be have inputs coming in to our Jebel Ali ports
here, and then movement across the entire Gulf so the large businesses here that are looking at expanding, operations across, not this way but across the Gulf region and that’s where I think you know we played a big role in helping them with that function, you know, as well as you know you actually are seeing a huge increase in the way you know people order things online, right. I think Middle East is now far becoming one of the top reasons that people order things at home, or be groceries, be it your apparel. So, you know, we also play a big part in helping those companies ensure that goods get delivered to customers on time.

Tech News ME: You must have heard about these technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence.
So, in between cloud, artificial intelligence, automation and reverse logistics, what do you think will be a bigger trend next year?

MR: Well, I think, you know, it’s not been possible just say there’s one trend or the other.
But in other all different technology will have a part to play in the entire ecosystem so you know businesses are going to be using more of AI to help bring in more optimization in their process, or to bring in cost reduction and use time reduction as well. So, that’s one area I think all businesses now moving to a cloud, that’s inevitable, right? And there’s also part that the cloud also provides businesses in terms of how. Having all of these in a different functions in the technology will play a part into what we see it the future

Tech News ME: And how do you think that reverse logistics will upgrade it in a presence next year.

MR: So, I think with more and more but, you know, people ordering online having that option of seeing whether they want to retain the goods that they bought or not.
The reverse logistics, as a process will be a big part for any retailer, any logistics company because it’s part of the customer experience that business want to give the customer the option of returning goods, if they don’t like it.
So I think the whole reverse logistics will be a big factor.
In fact, you know, it sort of accounts almost 30% of the logistics costs in many places, right? So, if businesses are able to reduce the logistics and plan reverse logistics better, I think it goes in a long way to save that cost to operations

Tech News ME: One more question, why Shipsy in this particular industry of logistics stand out? What’s the biggest uniqueness about Shipsy?

MR: Okay, so I think it’s part of our platform right you know we are a very agile technology solution where businesses can start using in a matter of days, unlike any other technology that you know you need like six months of innovation plan.
So it’s very easy for customers to start using, it’s very intuitive, lot of things with technology self explanatory for people so it’s easy for them to adopt and start seeing the benefits of our technology, as well as our platform is very highly customizable for our the use cases that our customers have,right? So, it’s really agile that way and that’s what it makes so powerful for businesses to use us and get value.


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