June 24, 2024

Key Technology Trends Set to Shape the Future 2024

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Saad Farooq

As the new year begins, there is no doubt that a potent confluence of disruptive forces will reshape the business landscape of 2024. From generative AI to the spread of heightened security as well as quantum computing that was once science fiction, it is more evident than ever that these crucial technologies are at the forefront of fostering innovation and changing industries. Below, we delve into these tech trends and explore some aspects of them.

Top Tech Trends To Look Out For in 2024

Generative AI

Dell Technologies Global Chief Technology Officer, John Roese, anticipates that the GenAI debate will move from theory to practice, highlighting a change from infrastructure and costs associated with training to inference and operating expenses. He points out that while Generative AI has stimulated innovative concepts for revolutionizing business and society, there are now few large-scale, real-world GenAI projects. According to Roese, the first wave of GenAI enterprise projects will mature in 2024, bringing to light significant aspects of the technology that were not completely understood in its early stages. 

Quantum Computing

Liz Centoni, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer & GM, Applications at Cisco, believes that even before post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is standardized, it will be widely used as a software-based defense against potential quantum threats by 2024. This strategy will secure data by integrating with current systems. Furthermore, it is anticipated that PQC will break into OS systems, libraries, and browsers, and innovators will experiment by integrating it into protocols such as SSL/TLS 1.3, which governs classic cryptography. Quantum networking is expected to emerge at the same time, allowing quantum computers to interact together in a scalable manner using quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement. 

Heightened Focus On Security

Zeki Turedi, CTO Europe at CrowdStrike, sees an opportunity to increase organizational resilience by combining IT and security teams in 2024 due to emerging risks that cause blurring of the lines between IT and security responsibilities. These teams, which were before divided, now have overlapping goals as a result of the quick development of technology and changing security threats. Threats that concurrently target security and infrastructure make convergence essential and call for a coordinated response. This trend is demonstrated by closer cooperation, shared technology, and customized cybersecurity platforms for IT teams that provide automated reactions and real-time information to improve overall security posture against complex cyber threats.


With Quantum Computing incorporating post-quantum cryptography for improved data security, Generative AI going from theoretical discussions to real-world application, and increased security awareness driving the merging of IT and security teams to tackle emerging cyber threats, the tech industry is set for revolutionary changes. These tech trends predict a busy year, one in which managing the rapidly changing landscape of technology will require innovation and collaboration.

Saad Farooq

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