June 24, 2024

Leading IoT Companies in Saudi Arabia 2024

Leading IoT Companies in Saudi Arabia

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We live in a highly innovative era. Innovations are patented daily, and startups are consistently emerging. One innovation that has been birthed from this technological era is the Internet of Things (IoT). For many in the tech ecosystem, IoT represents the revolutionary potential of technology in the coming years. 

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of collective computing devices embedded with sensors and software to facilitate communication and data exchange. A typical IoT setup can exist with household objects or more sophisticated devices. The concept of IoT has gained prominence in the 21st Century. There are projections that IoT devices will increase by 18 percent in 2023. This will increase the number of IoT devices to over 14 billion. 

Over the years, Saudi Arabia has cemented its place as a global tech hub. Unsurprisingly, IoT companies have become prominent in Saudi Arabia. These companies provide various IoT-related services.

Leading IoT Companies in Saudi Arabia 2024


Gelmato Solutions is a company under the Thales Group. Thales has been present in Saudi Arabia’s commercial space for over 50 years, and it acquired Gemalto as an international security company in 2019. Gemalto provides digital security services that enable companies to exchange data and funds across borders. So far, the company facilitates cross-border payment and biometric solutions. Gemalto prides itself on providing IoT robust and reliable IoT solutions. Its services connect assets to cloud platforms, manage IoT solutions throughout their lifecycle, and secure data. 


PacknTrack is a Saudi Arabian startup that seeks to facilitate stress-free and express baggage check-in for travellers. The company uses ultra-modern IoT technologies to track devices and significantly reduce check-in duration. Founded in 2015, PacknTrack is headquartered in Riyadh, with its services primarily hinged on reducing the stress of baggage claims for customers. 


Like Gemalto, CloudIoT is a subsidiary company. It is under Nesmat Al-Bustan Group Holdings, which was established in 2005. CloudIoT provides services hinged on IoT, Cloud, Data Center Infrastructure, and Networking. The company has a robust client portfolio across industries like design, healthcare, and retail. 


E-Vision is a solutions provider that specializes in IoT and software outsourcing. The company uses its Research and Design teams and cutting-edge technologies to provide IoT-related solutions like vehicle tracking and platform customization. It primarily helps companies develop IoT platforms to suit their business needs.


In the coming years, IoT will be one of the major technologies to unlock further innovations. Due to this expected trend, more IoT companies will likely emerge in Saudi Arabia. Moreso, Saudi Arabia has committed to investing in new-age technologies like IoT. This will further expand the IoT ecosystem in the Kingdom. 

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